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Customizing Your Runner

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So you have made a choice on your favorite custom runner, now you must select the proper finishing.

So what is "serging" your runner? Custom runners come on long rolls, think a roll of paper towels. When your footage is ordered the length is cut off the roll leaving the ends "raw" and susceptible to unraveling. Serging your ends simply takes matching threads and weaves it on the raw ends to protect the runner from coming apart.

Serging is only needed for custom hall runners. Stair runners typically do not need finishing, however you may want to speak with a professional installer to verify. What is "end capping" your runner? End capping gives a more finished look to your runner. This is achieved by extending the border of around to the cut ends of the runner, in essence framing the carpet.

The price of the end capping option includes all extra material and custom fabrication needed to achieve this look.

Please note, end capping should not be used for stair runners as the ends are generally tucked under the floor boards.

Fringing - Having fringe added to your runner is available, however there are too many variables to display a price, please call a customer service agent to discuss options for this type of customization.

Please note: Any oversized items shipping to CANADA may incur a handling fee. We would contact you prior to shipping if a fee would apply.

Please note that the images on our site may differ from how the rug will look in your home. Factors such as rug size, lighting, placement and construction of the rug may change the appearance slightly and should be considered and understood before buying