Karastan Area Rugs

The Karastan Rug Collection Has Something For Everyone

Karastan rugs come in a wide range of styles and color palettes to suit nearly any design project. These interesting design styles range from the classic and traditional rug styles that come out of Turkey and India, to modern Avant-Garde artwork that would belong just as well in a contemporary gallery as it does beneath your feet. With rugs inspired by the world and created by 90 years of craftsmanship, this is a collection you can’t pass up. Whether you are looking to add a breath of fresh air to an existing room, or you are designing an entirely new space around a unifying point of art, you'll find the perfect addition to your room with Karastan rugs.

If you are searching for a dignified and sophisticated area rug that will blend into your living room to give the space the richness and culture that it has been missing, you'll find it with Karastan rugs. If you want to add a pop of color and a bit of zest to a neutral or under-designed space, Karastan rugs offer styles and designs that will catch and capture the attention of family, friends, guests, and neighbors.

No matter what kind of design challenges you are facing, there are Karastan area rugs and Karastan wool rugs for you, to provide comfort, durability, and a lasting vibrant piece of art for you to enjoy beneath your feet.

Shop Karastan Rugs In A Variety Of Styles, Shapes, & Sizes

There is a wide range of Karastan rugs to choose from, with various sizes and shapes, so you can find the ideal Karastan rugs for your home and place them exactly where you want them.

Karastan collections range from traditional rug designs like you'll find in the Adalia collection by Karastan, featuring dense and evenly distributed floral patterns to please more conservative aesthetics, to the postmodern Elements collection, which draws on both abstract Jackson Pollock-Esque art and rigid but progressive geometries. In between these two extremes, you will find a range of designs in dozens of collections that will inspire and intrigue your family and friends, while blending perfectly into the spaces you have created.

Karastan collections are often designed by famous and acclaimed designers you might recognize, like Drew and Jonathan Home, who collaborated with Karastan on the Vanguard collection. These dense and colorful designs are iconic and unique and speak to the individual perspectives of the designers behind them. Karastan also collaborated with Stacy Garcia on the Rendition collection, with inspired and eclectic artistic designs filled with dense geometric shapes as well as flowing lines. In Karastan collections, you'll find other big names in design, like Bobby Berk, Scott Living, Patina Vie, and Virginia Langley, contributing their artistic vision to well-crafted and constructed Karastan rugs.

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Experience the Luxury and Durability of Karastan Rugs

If your room needs a touch of elegance, a dash of color, or a hint of culture, a Karastan rug can meet these needs with flair. Browse our selection of Karastan rugs to discover the piece that speaks to your unique style and transforms your space into a haven of comfort and beauty.

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How To Maintain & Clean Karastan Area Rugs

Karastan area rugs are a lovely room addition that matches many different home styles. However, like all rugs, you need to make an effort to keep your Karastan rugs cleaned and maintained. Vacuuming is the most important thing to do, as you don't want your rug to get encumbered with dust and dirt. The longer you take to clean it up, the more challenging the cleaning process will be. For spills, make sure that you deal with them as soon as possible.

Most stains can be dealt with using a combination of dish soap, warm water, and white vinegar. This is going to be much more effective for certain stains than others, though even harder stains in Karastan area rugs will benefit somewhat from this method of cleaning.

The good news about Karastan wool rugs is that they are not quite as difficult to keep clean as other types of rugs. This is because wool tends to be easier to clean than other types of material!