Trans Ocean Rugs

About Trans-Ocean Rugs

Trans-Ocean Rugs are one of the oldest and most respected rug manufacturers in the country. Trans-Ocean area rugs are known for being casual and appealing, with inspiration drawn from nature. As the brand's name implies, the ocean plays a significant role in the style of the rugs, with colors like blue and green being particularly prevalent. The premium nature rugs are designed for the American market and are hand-knotted, hand-hooked and hand-tufted for quality that's unmatched by other manufacturers.

Collections By Trans-Ocean Rugs

Trans-Ocean is a leader in design & construction, carrying a full line of Casual, Lifestyle and Traditional imported rugs.  All collections are carefully selected to be hand knotted, hand hooked, hand tufted, or hand woven from China and India or Wilton Woven machine-made rugs from Turkey and India.  

Trans-Ocean Rugs Are Priced Right

In addition to being of superior quality, Trans-Ocean rugs are meant to be accessible to all consumers. They are available at a range of moderate to better price points and come in a variety of sizes to suit any space. Whether you're decorating a living space, a bedroom or another room in your home, trust Payless Rugs for the best selection of Trans-Ocean area rugs.