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Binding Your Custom Runner

Binding Your Custom Runner

Part #:17383
Part #:17383
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What is Binding?
Binding is a nylon mesh material applied to the raw cut ends of your custom runner. The purpose of the binding application is simply to contain all loose fibers left over from where your runner was cut from the roll. This will extend the life of the runner as well as keep it from unraveling.
What is the difference between Serging & Binding?
Both applications perform the same end result, but binding is a more economical solution and as a result does not look as aesthetically pleasing as serging yarn would.
Should I bind or serge?
This of course if a personal choice, but as a guideline we would suggest that more expensive ( especially wool ) runners are not bound but instead serged. Binding higher end runners may not fit well into the overall look of higher quality runners.
Will the Binding match my runner?
Binding is available in a wide assortment of colors and thus will be matched as best as possible to the original color of your new custom runner.

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