KAS Oriental Rugs

About KAS Oriental Rugs

Kas area rugs have been a household staple for over 35 years. The high-quality, fashion-forward designs are fun, colorful and perfect for every room of your home. Whether you're looking for a nature-inspired design, something a little more modern, or something in the vein of oriental Kas rugs, you'll find the perfect Kas carpets at Payless Rugs. Our impressive selection of Kas carpets includes all of the brand's best-selling designs at competitive prices. When you choose Kas area rugs, you're choosing quality, style and innovation.

Collections By KAS Oriental Rugs

KAS Rugs carry 70+ collections of handmade & machine-made rugs. You'll find the look that fits your home perfectly with our wide selection. From casual to contemporary, classic to natural, we'll have the rug for you. KAS is known for being an innovator of design and continue to deliver unique constructions & the latest designs and color trends to market.   

Find The Perfect Rug By Browsing KAS Collections

The creative and innovative designs you'll find in almost 60 different collections from KAS rugs will inspire you to reinvigorate your home with new colors and patterns. From timeless baroque and classical rugs that would be perfectly in place in a Sultan's palace, to boundary-pushing modern artistic designs that catch the eye and trigger interest, you'll find the rug you are looking for with KAS rugs and carpets. No matter what your color palette or design scheme is, there are KAS rugs, KAS area rugs, and KAS oriental rugs that will serve your needs and elevate your designed spaces. 

KAS has been serving customers for almost 40 years, providing high-quality rugs with beautiful designs at affordable prices. The name of the company comes from Kas Yarlagadda, the woman who co-founded it along with her husband Rao Yarlagadda. Together, they have run KAS rugs like a close-knit family business, while expanding their supply chain and infrastructure to better serve their customers. Today, the KAS rugs company values of quality and integrity continue to drive its success, as they have grown into a major provider of well-designed and well-made modern and oriental rugs. 

KAS rugs are made from the highest-quality materials and tested throughout every stage of manufacturing and production, so you get durable KAS area rugs that will hold up to wear and tear even in the busiest and highest-traffic areas of your home. You can place KAS area rugs in your living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or home office without worrying that they will lose their comfort or vibrancy.

KAS rugs and carpets include 6 indoor/outdoor collections, so you can bring the luxury and sophistication of KAS rugs to your patio and outdoor designed spaces. These specially designed rugs will withstand the elements, including torrential rain and temperature changes, without sacrificing their visual appeal, comfort, or durability. With these KAS rugs, you can instantly upgrade your outdoor areas, including deck spaces, to bring a sophisticated and elevated look and feel to a space where you can enjoy the fresh air and feel the sun on your face. 

With almost 60 collections, incorporating dozens of design styles in a wide range of colors, it's not hard to find something that stands out and catches your attention. KAS rugs include classic and traditional designs as well as striking contemporary styles that will capture your attention and intrigue and inspire your family, friends, guests, and neighbors. 

You'll find the best KAS area oriental rugs and KAS area rugs online with Payless Rugs, for the lowest prices. With our impeccable customer service and 30-day returns, we'll guide you through every step of the process from ordering to receiving your KAS rugs at your door. Allow yourself to design the kind of environment you want, with visually soothing and stimulating rugs from KAS rugs. Let your imagination run wild, matching the designs from collections from KAS rugs with rooms and spaces in your home until you find the perfect KAS rugs to breathe life into your sanctuary. Then, let us take care of the rest.

Quality Rugs By KAS Oriental

Kas carpets are handmade and constructed using only the finest materials. Most of our Kas rugs are made from 100 percent wool and have average pile heights for easier maintenance. The rugs are exceptionally comfortable and come with heavy-duty backings to prevent premature wear and to ensure the rug maintains its shape and integrity. The imported rugs come in a variety of styles, so browse our selection today for the latest designs.

Elegant KAS Rugs Look Great in Every Room

If you are trying to improve your home’s interior design, elegant KAS rugs are a great place to start. There are many different ways you can style KAS rugs. For example, they can be used as a centerpiece in a large living space, drawing visual attention to areas you want to stand out. Or, you can layer a few rugs to create visual depth! From soft neutrals to vibrant patterns, there’s a KAS rug to suit every style!


The Style and Elegance of KAS Rugs

For over 35 years, KAS Oriental Rugs has established itself as a leader in the rug industry. With its commitment to quality, style, and innovation, KAS rugs bring an element of style and elegance to every room of your home. The brand offers a broad selection of rugs that are not only high-quality but also exhibit fashion-forward designs. From nature-inspired themes to modern styles and traditional oriental motifs, KAS area rugs cater to a myriad of aesthetic preferences.

The brand's innovation shines through its 70+ collections of both handmade and machine-made rugs. Each collection showcases unique constructions, the latest designs, and trending color palettes, ensuring there's a KAS rug for every style. Just like the diverse offerings of Kaleen Rugs, KAS rugs offer customers an array of choices to perfectly match their decor. Shop for yours at Payless Rugs!