Solid Color Rugs

We Offer Neutral & Vibrant Single Color Area Rugs

Payless Rugs has experience of more than 20 years of distributing beautiful blue area rugs amongst many other colors. Our single-color rugs are made with material that is hand-selected by experts to guarantee a high-quality product. We provide a wide variety of solid color area rugs that are trendy and durable enough for a high-traffic home area or the office.

We work directly with the manufacturer, like the ones who produce our black stair runner and navy stair runners, and long-lasting single-color rugs to ensure each rug or runner is the highest of quality.

Our collection includes a wide range of solid color rug options online to fit every vibrant or neutral color pallet. Our single-color rugs come in different color options including orange, purple, gray, white, red, and blue. That means the rugs we have for sale are easy on the eyes and complement the space they are in.

Some Solid Color rugs We Carry Are:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • & More

The understated styles of our solid color area rugs will blend easily into the pre-existing design scheme of any living space. Appropriate for home, office, and business spaces, these stunning solid-colored area rugs will fill open spaces without hogging attention. Solid color rugs are excellent complimentary décor pieces. We have a variety of different solid color area rugs including the Surya Prague PGU-4001 Area Rug, the Elements EL01 Rug by Jaipur, and the Regency 7000 Regency Red 25 Rug by Kaleen. Browse below to find the solid color rug that fits your room perfectly.

Find The Solid Color Rug That Fits Your Room Perfectly

Our solid color area rugs are highly diverse and durable, making them great investments for places like kitchens, dining rooms, and high-traffic areas like stairs. The high-quality materials of our gray stair runner and blue area rugs are the perfect addition to busy households or entryways. In addition to having long-lasting qualities, our blue area rugs can add texture and weight to your space to make a room feel more cohesive. Our solid color rugs come in both different colors and various sizes to suit each space and its unique needs. Whether you have a small apartment, a large home, or your office is empty, we will have the perfect rugs for sale to meet your needs.

Shop At Payless Rugs

Are you looking for something more detailed than our solid blue area rugs? Check out our other options, like our collection of watercolor area rugs or red stair runners. You can shop our collections of single-color rugs, runners, and more.

A large selection of colors are available. Neutral tones like ivory, gray, taupe and slate are available, as are more vibrant colors like baby blue, dark red, pumpkin orange and watermelon pink. Some rugs feature two shades of the same color, while others are the same shade throughout.

With varying weaving styles and techniques even two rugs of the same color can appear vastly different from one another. Explore solid color area rugs that are handwoven and machine made of fibers like polypropylene, polyester, cotton, jute and viscose to fully discover the variety and designing potential these rugs offer.

Payless Rugs carries solid color area rugs in various sizes and cuts. We offer custom cuts in addition to standard sizes to ensure our customers are able to find exactly the right area rug they need for their living spaces.

Are you ready to purchase one of our solid-color rugs? Shop through our online store to browse the different designs. Our team will help you find the best area rugs for your home!