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About Capel Rugs

Started in 1917 by Leon Capel, the Capel Brand is a true example of American grit and ingenuity. Young Leon started what would become the Capel Brand, by making ropes for mule powered plows. Unfortunately for Leon the advent of the tractor made his young business fairly obsolete in short order. However Leon's story didn't end here, but instead gave birth to a new business venture and Capel Rug Company was born. Over 100 years later Capel is still going strong but hasn't forgotten its roots that were firmly established by its resolute founder, A.Leon Capel. 

Collection By Capel Rugs

Capel Area Rugs is one of the top brands at Payless Rugs thanks to their high-quality products made with fascinating and beautiful designs. From the more contemporary to the more traditional, Capel rugs span a wide variety of style to suit any homeowner. You'll find that their area rugs are imbued with some of the richest, most vibrant colors available. While many Capel braided rugs feature bold, bright looks, there are also subtler styles available for those who want an understated appearance.

Vibrant Braided Rugs From The Capel Collections

The comfort and texture of a braided rug are unmistakable. Braided rugs are soft, comfortable, durable, and aesthetically beautiful all at the same time. In Capel collections, you'll find a range of braided area rugs to complement any room in your home, along with a mix of other styles that mirror this level of comfort and style.

Capel area rugs come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, so you'll find the perfect Capel rugs for your design project, no matter what design aesthetic or color palette is. There is a place for Capel rugs in your home, whether you need large Capel area rugs for your living room or dining room or smaller braided Capel rugs for your bathroom or home office. You deserve the comfort of soft and cushioned Capel rugs under your feet and unique designs that delight you, calm you, and help to create the kind of space you want to occupy.

Capel area rugs got their start in 1917 when Leon Capel began fashioning braids into durable rugs. Each rug is made from high-quality materials, using proven manufacturing methods to provide rugs that will last a long time, even in heavy use. Your Capel area rugs will remain comfortable and vibrant even if you place them in the busiest place in your home, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

You'll find the lowest prices on Capel area rugs for sale online with Payless Rugs. It's easy to get some of the best-braided area rugs on the market with unique and beautiful designs delivered straight to your door. Our kind and patient customer service can help you through the process step-by-step, and we offer a 30-day return period. Allow yourself to imagine Capel area rugs in your home, and let us do the rest.

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Quality Rugs

Because they are American-made rugs, Capel rugs are known for their long-lasting durability. These rugs are meant to be used in the average household, not tucked away in an underused space. They can handle even high-traffic areas with ease and still feel soft and cozy. For the best prices and the greatest variety of size options, shop for your Capel rugs at Payless Rugs.