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Rizzy Home Rugs is a diverse brand with many offerings, one of which is stylish area rugs. The brainchild of two industrious brothers, Rizzy home rugs focuses on bringing the highest quality home furnishings to its customers.

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Rizzy area rugs always take after the latest styles and trends in home décor. Shag rugs, medium pile rugs, low pile rugs, and even animal cut-out rugs are among the standard offerings. Popular design elements like geometrics, stripes, brushstroke patterns, gradients, and textures are all heavily featured in various rug designs. Browse our Rizzy Area Rugs below to find a rug that suits your style. We have a variety of collections including the Adana Collection, the Berkley Collection, the Bristol Collection, and more! 

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The thoughtful and playful designs you'll find on Rizzy rugs add a splash of color and design to spaces in your home. The Rizzy collections include both traditional rug designs and interesting contemporary styles that push the limits of color and form. Whether you are designing a minimalist space and looking for a bold area rug, or you are searching for a runner for an ornate salon full of art and antiques, you'll find something to love in these Rizzy collections.

Rizzy Home is a relative newcomer to the scene when it comes to rugs, and has entered the market with a keen business sense and a competitive edge. Started in 2007, it is a shared venture by two entrepreneurial brothers, Rizwan and Shamsu Ansari. Originally Rizzy Rugs and Texco Home, the company is now Rizzy Home, offering rugs, designer pillows, and bedding, as well as original furniture under this name. Rizzy rugs are known for their high-quality and interesting designs, which is why they continue to grow quickly. Rizzy Home recently opened a new warehouse in Calhoun, Georgia, to keep up with the demand from its customers.

Rizzy area rugs come in a variety of styles and color palettes, so you can find the perfect rug for you, for sale online. With Payless rugs, you'll get the best price for Rizzy collections online, as well as understanding and caring customer service to guide you through every step of the ordering process, from selecting your Rizzy area rugs to receiving them at your door.

Rizzy offers artificially weathered and faded traditional and contemporary designs in its Westchester collection, with aged and antique looks that provide an elegant sophistication to ornate spaces. The designs in this collection won't overpower your room, but they won't get overlooked either. These regal and dignified rugs provide subtle color and texture that contribute to the overall feeling of a room without disrupting energy or drawing undue attention to the floor.

In contrast, the Zingaro collection from Rizzy is full of bright shapes and colors that bridge the gap between classical and modern. These designs feature dense patterning with bold colors and plenty of contrast. The geometric patterns and designs are reminiscent of Native American art, or Tibetan Thangkas. There is so much going on in each rug in the Zingaro collection that you won't be able to tear your eyes away - and neither will your entranced family, friends, guests, and neighbors.

In these Rizzy collections, there is a mix of styles, designs, and colors to appeal to anyone redesigning their space. You'll find an assortment of traditional designs, challenging modern styles, and rugs that integrate the two in ways you have never seen before. If you want area rugs that will excite and challenge you, shop for Rizzy area rugs.

If you want to find more options, especially in neutral palettes like ivory, gray, and blue, check out Dynamic rugs. With a range of classic and modern designs in neutral colors, you'll find the ideal rug for that important room in your home in exactly the color you need.



Style By Rizzy Rugs

Rizzy area rugs are usually made of polypropylene or New Zealand wool. The yarns used are specially dye and the intricate details are typically done by hand. In fact, many Rizzy area rugs are actually made entirely by hand through looming or tufting. Handmade rugs have the advantage of maintaining their coloring and fine details for several years after their initial construction. Such is the case with Rizzy rugs which boast a lifelong sturdiness and durability.

Browse through the Payless Rugs selection of Rizzy rugs to view all of the collections available. Once you decided on a design you like, view our sizes to find a perfect fit.


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Discover the essence of stylish and high-quality home furnishings with Rizzy Home Rugs, now available at Payless Rugs. Rizzy emphasizes both style and quality in its diverse range of area rugs. Whether you're seeking a centerpiece for your living room or a touch of comfort for your office, Rizzy rugs promise to deliver an aesthetic appeal and lasting durability.

Rizzy Home Rugs have always stayed at the forefront of home décor trends. Their offerings include a variety of styles to cater to all tastes, from plush shag rugs that add a sense of luxury and comfort, to low pile rugs that blend seamlessly with your décor. So, why wait? Dive into the diverse and stylish world of Rizzy Home Rugs at Payless Rugs today.