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About Dalyn Rugs

Dalyn rugs are the largest rug manufacturer in the world. With more than 30 years of experience, the brand has perfected the art of producing beautiful, hand-tufted, printed, and woven rugs at affordable prices. Dalyn area rugs come in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. Soften your living room with a Dalyn carpet or utopia rug. Add a pop of style to your home office with a Dalyn area rugs perfect for studios and home offices. Whatever your choice, you'll find the perfect Dalyn custom rug for your decor at Payless Rugs.

Collections By Dalyn Rugs

A leader in the rug industry as the world’s largest manufacturer of custom rugs, Dalyn area rugs are classic and timeless. These remarkable creations are available for purchase right here at Payless Rugs. You can browse our collections of Dalyn rugs that are made especially for the outdoors, perfect for your balcony, patio, porch, or yard. The possibilities are limitless as to what you can do with Dalyn area rugs, because you can be as creative as you like. Some of Dalyn's rug collections include the Calisa Collection, Studio Collection, & Impact Collection. There are no boundaries.

Styles From Dalyn Rugs

Our Dalyn area rugs are available in several common sizes. Dalyn rugs are competitively priced and are made with some of the most durable materials available. Every rug is crafted to meet Dalyn's strict standards of quality, ensuring years of use and long-lasting beauty. Browse our selection of Dalyn custom rugs today to find the perfect area rug for your space. 


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You'll find exactly the rug you are looking for from Dalyn, with a wide range of styles and designs in dozens of Dalyn collections: including  Studio, Utopia, Calisa, and Impact. These durable and beautiful Dalyn rugs and carpets bring a new life to designed spaces in your home, adding color, comfort, and sophistication to the rooms where you spend your most treasured moments.

Whether you are looking for traditional designs with dense and baroque patterns in Indian and Turkish styles or modern Dalyn rugs with innovative contemporary designs that push the limits of color and form, there are many options to choose from in various color palettes. You'll find area rugs for your living room, bedroom, or office, as well as smaller Dalyn rugs and runners that will complement them and blend perfectly with your decor. You can find square and rectangular rugs as well as round, oval, and geometric rugs. There are endless options when it comes to redesigning rooms in your home with Dalyn rugs, and the only limit is your imagination. What does the room in your home you are designing look like when you introduce Dalyn area rugs?

With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and delivering beautiful and high-quality area rugs, Dalyn has established a reputation for well-conceived and carefully executed designs. Founded in 1979 by Bill and Judy Adams, Dalyn started to fill consumer demand for well-designed and manufactured area rugs with fashion-forward designs. The company monitors the production process from design to delivery. The integrity of the company and its employees is a core value, and Dalyn is still a family business, more than 4 decades and 4 generations after Billy and Judy Adams started it.

Dalyn rugs are well-constructed and durable, so you can be sure that they will remain comfortable and vibrant even after a lot of wear and tear. Although all Dalyn rugs are designed to last, some Dalyn collections, like the Vibes collection and the Torino collection, are made for excessive wear and tear in very high-traffic areas. You can place these Dalyn area rugs anywhere in your home, including spaces that get excessive use, like your living room, family room, dining room, or office, and enjoy the same comfort under your feet and the same pleasing design for a long time.

You'll find the best Dalyn rugs and carpets online with Payless Rugs. We offer excellent customer service to guide you through every stage of the process, the most affordable prices on Dalyn rugs, and returns within 30 days. The process of ordering and receiving high-quality Dalyn rugs has never been easier.

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Experience the unparalleled blend of craftsmanship and design with Dalyn Rugs, now available at Payless Rugs. As the world's largest rug manufacturer with more than three decades of experience, Dalyn Rugs has mastered the art of creating beautiful, hand-tufted, printed, and woven rugs that offer style, comfort, and affordability in equal measure. Immerse yourself in the world of Dalyn Area Rugs at Payless Rugs online today. 

Tips on Finding the Right Dalyn Rug for Your Home

When it comes to rugs, there are so many options!  With all the hues, textures, sizes, and designs, you are only limited by your imagination! Here at PaylessRugs.com we carry a great variety of rugs, including our collection of Dalyn Rugs. We can help you bring the room of your dreams to reality.

For instance: 

    • The Akina Ivory Dalyn Rug with its zebra-style is a real attention-getter! This floor covering would make an excellent addition to a space with light-colored furnishings.
    • Looking more like a painting than a rug, the Kikiamo Lagoon Dalyn Rug will bring a brilliant, but tranquil effect to the area it is placed. This masterpiece would look gorgeous in a sunny room!
    • This attractive contemporary floor covering is called the Pesario Copper Dalyn Rug. It would offer a rich and warm feeling to a room with hardwood flooring.

The rugs listed are constructed of polyester. This means they work well in high-traffic areas and are easy to maintain with low vacuuming. In addition, they are resilient to stains and fading!