Momeni Area Rugs

About Momeni Rugs

Momeni rugs are pieces you'll love, not only for their style, but for their plush texture. After all, a stylish rug won't do much to make your house feel like a home if it's not cozy. Momeni area rugs are synonymous with softness and comfort, yet durable enough to hold up even in the most active households. At Payless Rugs, we carry a wide variety of Momeni rugs, including some discontinued styles. Some of the most popular collections this brand carries include Isabella, Anatolia and Delhi, but rest assured that these are just a few of the many collections of incredible rugs available. Browse our inventory of Momeni rugs today!

Collections By Momeni Rugs

Collections from Momeni rugs for sale by Payless Rugs are easy to clean and are carefully crafted to keep their stylish good looks over the years. Browse Momeni rug collections to find the perfect balance of style, comfort and durability for your home. Among the best selling Momeni Collection is the long standing consumer favorite, Momeni New Wave Collection. Superbly hand crafted with bold coloration and patterns, the New Wave is a must see for those home owners seeking a trans-formative rug for their space.  Finally, lets not forget the Lil Mo Collection, available in three separate age groups these best selling kids rugs are F-U-N fun!


The Advantages of Momeni Rugs

Momeni Rugs deliver on multiple fronts, offering style, comfort, and durability in equal measure. Each piece is more than just a rug; it's a testament to Momeni's commitment to quality and thoughtful design. Momeni area rugs possess an inviting plush texture that enhances the feeling of coziness in any room, transforming your house into a welcoming home.

At Payless Rugs, we proudly present a broad selection of Momeni rugs. We offer some of the brand's most popular collections alongside a variety of discontinued styles. Our online shopping experience allows you to browse our extensive inventory of Momeni rugs at your convenience. Our team is always here to help you find the perfect rug to meet your needs, and we can find an option that will match just about any decor in any home.

Momeni Rugs Make A Perfect Addition To Any Home

Whether you are looking for a traditional Persian rug or a modern and abstract design, Momeni rugs have styles and designs that will fit perfectly into your home. Momeni has dozens of collections, including various color palettes and sizes, so no matter what space you are designing, you will find an ideal Momeni rug for sale online to match. Elevate your space and provide a bit of color, richness, and visual interest to your home with Momeni area rugs.

Momeni has been a leading producer and manufacturer of rugs since the company was formed in 1975, after its founder, Haji Momeni, made a name for himself selling rugs door-to-door. The company has grown over the years by dedicating itself to a "tradition of excellence" that dates back to Haji Momeni's roots when he started as a simple importer and seller of Persian rugs. Today, Momeni manufactures and delivers thousands of high-quality rugs every year.

With Momeni collection area rugs, you know you are getting a high-quality, durable rug that will remain vibrant and comfortable over time, even if it gets lots of regular use in a high-traffic area in your home. Momeni rugs are manufactured using the best materials and techniques and are intended to last.

Momeni area rugs are a sophisticated addition to any designed room. With a range of sizes and styles to choose from, it doesn't matter whether you are designing a minimalist home in the style of an art gallery, or a baroque mansion filled with valuable antiques - you will find the perfect Momeni area rugs in one of the dozens of stylistic collections Momeni offers. Allow yourself to explore and find the Momeni area rugs that call out to you, and beg to be placed in your designed spaces.

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Styles By Momeni Rugs

Define your space with super-soft Momeni rugs that are perfect for any room in your home. Styles from traditional to contemporary, bold to subtle, there's a rug to suit your personality and décor. Momeni area rugs are some of our customer’s favorites at Payless Rugs due to their incredible variety, durability and affordable pricing.

Ways To Maintain & Clean Your Momeni Area Rugs

From abstract designs to transitional classic styles, our collection of Momeni area rugs can transform the rooms in your home or commercial business. With the variety of colors, textures, motifs, and shapes, you will never have to worry about finding something suitable to your taste.

Our exclusive Momeni area rugs are known for being luxuriant. They are crafted from an array of materials, including wool, polypropylene, and cotton. To keep your rugs looking fresh for a long time, you need to follow the guidelines for the specific type of fiber.

For instance -

Wool: Long-lasting, biodegradable, and great for sound absorption, these Momeni area rugs made from this element should be vacuumed at least once a week. If there is a spill, attend to it immediately by blotting the spot with a cloth or sponge. Make sure not to rub as this could ruin the piles.

Polypropylene: Rugs made from this material are great for indoor and outdoor use. They are also durable, stain and fade-resistant. For moving debris, it needs to be vacuumed frequently. Also, they can be useful for areas with high traffic. Since they are crafted from synthetic material, they can be machine-washed.

Cotton: As with the other two listed materials, Momeni area rugs made from cotton material should be vacuumed weekly to keep dirt from accumulating and settling within the fibers. For splatters and spills, dab with a cloth to get as much of the stain out as possible. Use a weak solution of dish soap and water to clean the stained area. Afterward, press down with paper towels to remove the excess liquid.