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About Momeni Rugs

Momeni area rugs are pieces you'll love, not only for their style, but for their plush texture. After all, a stylish rug won't do much to make your house feel like a home if it's not cozy. Fortunately, you'll find that Momeni rugs are synonymous with softness and comfort, yet durable enough to hold up even in the most active households. 

Collections By Momeni Rugs

Collections from Momeni rugs for sale by Payless Rugs are easy to clean and are carefully crafted to keep their stylish good looks over the years. Browse Momeni rug collections to find the perfect balance of style, comfort and durability for your home. Among the best selling Momeni Collection is the long standing consumer favorite, Momeni New Wave Collection. Superbly hand crafted with bold coloration and patterns, the New Wave is a must see for those home owners seeking a trans-formative rug for their space.  Finally, lets not forget the Lil Mo Collection, available in three separate age groups these best selling kids rugs are F-U-N fun!

Momeni Rugs