Jaipur Area Rugs

Payless Rugs has an incredible selection of Jaipur rugs online, many of which are handmade Indian rugs and sure to introduce a burst of personality and color into your home. From living rooms to bedrooms to hallways, Jaipur area rugs inject vibrant shades and gorgeous designs into any living space. Not one to go for bland decor? You've come to the right place! Browse our inventory of Jaipur Boheme and Jaipur Genesis rugs for sale and find a rug that takes your space from boring to spectacular. Shop our amazing selection of Jaipur area rugs today.

Collections By Jaipur Rugs

Find the Jaipur Rug collection that fits your style, whether you’re looking for a contemporary rug that's stylish, bright, or if you're looking for something a little more classic like our traditional area rugs. Each collection features related designs and color schemes, so you can easily find multiple Jaipur rugs online that tie together throughout your home while still giving each room a unique look. Some of Jaipur area rugs’ most popular rug collections include the Genesis Collection, the Fables Collections, and the Mythos Collection.

Handmade Indian Jaipur Rugs

These handmade Indian Jaipur rugs feature high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, so you know they'll last for years even if you have an active, busy household. And because they're available at Payless Rugs, you can rest assured that you're getting the best price on fine Jaipur area rugs from a top brand. Shop our woven rug sale and more online today.

How to Select The Right Jaipur Rug Size?

Selecting the right size Jaipur area rug can be tough. On one hand, you don’t want to purchase a rug online only for it to be too small for your needs. The general rule we tell our customers is that your area rug size should be about the size of the seating area of your living room.

What Jaipur Area Rugs Sizes Are Available?

The ideal Jaipur rug size is important to evaluate when shopping for a new Jaipur rug for your living room. The incorrect rug size can change the entire feel of the room. Here at Payless Rugs, we carry a wide range of Jaipur area rugs from 2 X 4 ft. to 12 X 15 ft. Our Jaipur rugs are also available in various shapes such as ovals, rectangles, rounds, runners, and squares. We also offer rugs for various applications, shop for Jaipur outdoor rugs, shag rugs for living rooms, and Jaipur flat weave area rugs for that perfect furniture accent piece.

Shop Jaipur Rugs At Affordable Prices

At Payless Rugs you can find the perfect Jaipur living rug options online at affordable prices. Each of our high-quality Jaipur rugs is available in several shapes, sizes, and various colors. Our extensive selection allows customers to easily find the perfect rug from Jaipur for their space. Whether you are looking for something simple or luxurious, Jaipur Rug Company has a rug for you!

As an authorized dealer of Jaipur Living Area Rugs we carry the most comprehensive and current selection including some of our favorites, like the <ahref=" salinas-collection-by-jaipur"="">Jaipur Salinas rugs and Jaipur cirque collection. Looking for a little more luxury? Jaipur wool rugs are handcrafted by master weavers in India and are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and price points. Some of them are made with 100% high-quality recycled materials, so not only can you add the perfect touch to your decor, but you can feel great about helping our planet reuse and cut back on waste.</ahref=">

Best Collections Of Jaipur Living Area Rugs Online

You will want to pick from the best collections of Jaipur living rugs like the Yasmin rugs collection with the right color for the space you are creating. What makes the Jaipur rugs popular is their high-quality design and how they protect your floors. Jaipur Living rug collection is a great addition to anyone looking to add a stylish element to their overall decor palette.

Jaipur living’s extensive collection of hand-made area rugs is an excellent choice for someone looking for a way to add a high-end look to their space. For those who may need sizes that are not standard, we've also got custom sizing options for your specific needs. . We offer a wide range of designs from the most classic to the most avant-garde. Check out our online collections to learn more about our hand-made Jaipur rugs. If you are ready to learn about the rugs we have for sale online, contact Payless Rugs today.

What Are Jaipur Rugs?

Jaipur Living rugs are made using traditional techniques that have been passed down through families of artisans for hundreds of years. They tend to be made from quality materials, such as cotton, silk, and wool. They are also made by hand using techniques that have been refined over many centuries. This provides you with a quality rug that is not only beautiful but also designed to last.

 If you are looking for the best Jaipur Living area rugs online, Payless Rugs is the answer. We have worked hard to expand our selection of Jaipur Living rugs to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for. If you are checking out Jaipur rugs online for the first time, we know that you want to find the perfect solution for your home. Learn more about Jaipur Living rugs below, and take a closer look at our selection to find the perfect rug to meet your needs.

Find Jaipur Living Area Rugs at Payless Rugs

If you are looking for Jaipur living rugs, Payless Rugs has exactly what you need. We offer our rugs in a variety of sizes and styles, which makes it easier for you to find the perfect area rugs for your home. Our experts would also be happy to teach you exactly how to take care of them, ensuring that your area rugs last as long as possible. Take a look at our selection today!

How To Maintain Jaipur Rugs

Get the most out of your Jaipur Living Rugs by properly maintaining them to preserve their beauty and longevity. You will need to vacuum your Jaipur rugs on a regular basis to remove surface dirt and debris. Just remember to be very gentle when vacuuming and even use a brushless suction head to avoid damaging the delicate fibers. You should also rotate periodically to ensure even wear and sun exposure.

For spills or stains, quickly blot the area with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Avoid rubbing your Jaipur rugs, which can spread the stain further. Use a mild detergent mixed with water to gently clean the affected area, then rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry completely.

To prevent excessive wear, place rug pads underneath to provide cushioning and prevent slipping. Avoid placing heavy furniture directly on the rug, as this can cause indentations or damage to the fibers. You should also consider professional cleaning for your Jaipur Living rugs every few years to deeply clean and refresh the rugs, ensuring they remain a gorgeous accent in your home for years to come.

What Makes Jaipur Rugs Unique from Other Rugs?

Jaipur Rugs stand out from other rugs for an array of different reasons. First of all, Jaipur Living rugs are deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of India, particularly Rajasthan, where the craft of rug weaving has been perfected over generations. Each rug tells a story, reflecting the skilled craftsmanship and intricate designs that have been passed down through artisan families for decades.

Moreover, Jaipur Rugs prioritizes ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, ensuring that every rug is made with eco-friendly materials and processes. Payless Rugs offers Jaipur Rugs online for sale to make it even more convenient to have at least one of these gorgeous rugs in your home or office.

In terms of design, Jaipur Rugs offers a diverse range, blending traditional styles with contemporary colors and patterns so that they appeal to a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether it's the vibrant colors, impeccable quality, or cultural significance, Jaipur Rugs adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to any space, making it a standout choice for those seeking more than just a floor covering.