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About Kaleen Area Rugs

If the craftsmanship that went into making your rug is important to you, Kaleen area rugs are an excellent choice for your home. In addition to their gorgeous designs, Kaleen rugs feature high-quality hand-tufting and hand-knotting, making them one of the finest choices available while still remaining within your budget. A Kaleen carpet and area rug is a timeless piece that will help transform your bedroom, office, or living room into the unique space you’ve been searching for.
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Area Rug Collections By Kaleen Rugs

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If you value the highest quality in craftsmanship and construction, Kaleen is a rug manufacturer to pay attention to. With a range of designs in many color palettes, Kaleen has collections that encompass everything from the very traditional to the ultra-modern, merging traditional and timeless weaving techniques and processes with innovative and inspiring contemporary designs, to create well-designed and high-quality rugs that are also affordable.

In this collection, you'll find classic and time-honored designs that elevate your designed spaces with sophistication and elegance. These densely patterned baroque area rugs come in browns, greens, tans, and blues for conservative color palettes. The boldness and contrast in these designs make their patterns leap out, even as they blend into a well-designed room. The Brooklynn collection from Kaleen rugs is made of rugs that are each hand-tufted using traditional techniques in India, from multi-textured virgin premium wool.

In contrast, Kaleen rugs push the limits when it comes to their Brushstrokes collection, which is filled with the kind of modern art you might find at a museum, turned into rugs that you squish your toes into. These boundary-pushing innovative contemporary designs eschew patterns and structure for free-form beauty and flowing lines. With plenty of colors and contrast in abstract shapes, these Kaleen area rugs evoke the art and culture of the 1960s, with flowers and shapes depicted in a tie-dye style.

These Kaleen collections are just a sample of what you will find for sale online with Payless Rugs. There are many more Kaleen carpets and Kaleen area rugs available, including captivating designs in other Kaleen collections like Helena, Astronomy, and Marble. With kind and patient customer service and 30-day returns, we make it easy to order your perfect Kaleen rugs and have them delivered directly to your door.

Kaleen has been a trusted producer and manufacturer of rugs for more than 40 years, delivering high-quality and durable area rugs with incredible designs to customers around the world. The Kaleen family business grew over time and in 1997 it opened a showroom in Dalton, Georgia, USA, affectionately called "the carpet capital of the world." Kaleen focuses on quality and craftsmanship, above all, using both traditional and modern techniques to produce some of the highest-quality and best-looking rugs on the market.

Add Kaleen rugs to the most important designed spaces in your home for a pop of color, a breath of fresh air, and a point of interest that will fascinate and inspire your family, friends, guests, and neighbors.

For artificially weathered and faded rugs in both classical and contemporary styles that will blend in while standing out, check out Kalaty rugs. These collections feature area rugs that are artistically interesting and visually challenging but blend in better with diffuse patterns, abstract shapes, and more neutral colors.

Tips To Maintain Your Kaleen Rugs

If you want to keep your Kaleen rugs going strong for years to come, it's important that you ensure that they are properly maintained. Kaleen rugs, like all rugs, have particular maintenance needs. 

First, make sure that you vacuum your rug regularly. They can get pretty dirty and dusty, so you don't want to allow for build-up! Additionally, you need to make sure that anything that you spill on the carpet gets cleaned up immediately. If you do have a particularly troublesome spill on one of your Kaleen rugs that has already set in, a good solution is to use a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap, and water. This may not get the stain completely out, especially if it is a problematic stain, but it will certainly do a lot of work to improve it.

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