Loren Collection by Loloi

Loloi offers beautiful rugs that are perfect for tying any room together.  Most Loloi rugs are made from modern machines, ensuring quality & consistency is a top priority. 

Quality is Top priority

Loloi’s designers are extremely talented, most have been noted in decor publications and have a keen eye for detail. Each one of our designers are unique and have different imagery in mind when designing a rug. That means there is a rug fit for any feel you could imagine. Loloi has a wide variety of designs from bold, wild, modern, simple, to conservative.  Whatever the room, whatever the feel, their designers have put thought and effort into a rug, perfect for you!

When it comes to the fibers, Loloi makes sure it only uses the best. Most of their synthetic rugs are made out of polyester, viscose, and polypropylene.  

A Repeatable Process

Machine-made Loloi rugs are power-loomed, which is a loom powered by human, computer, and machine. A power-loomed rug can take a couple weeks to complete, from concept to final product, so it is much faster to make than a hand-weaved rug.

The first step in getting a power-loomed rug made is to program the computer with the design. The computer communicates with the machine, choosing the right colors and pattern layout.  A loom is created and the machine weaves the rug according to the design. The machine is programmed for the appropriate size of the rug, the pile height, and density. The machine then surges the end of the rug, completing the rug. 

Benefits of a Machine-Made Rug

A machine-made rug is cheaper than a handmade rug. That’s because it takes less effort and time to make. 

The advancement in technology delivers much more in regards to consistency than a handmade rug. Colors, weaves, fibers, and quality is more precise. Every rug is made to perfection which means the homeowner can rely on knowing the rug they see in a showroom or catalog will look just like they recall.

Caring and maintaining a machine-made rug is easier than ever. These rugs are more stain resistant, can handle the vacuum cleaner better, and are more durable when it comes to the busy home. Between pets and kids, rugs become a high trafficked area, which means they are at risk for heavy wear and tear. But machine-made rugs are made with that in mind, so they can withstand the heavy use. 

Antique rugs are so beautiful, but are very costly. The best way to get an antique looking rug without breaking your bank is to invest in a machine-made rug. Loloi II's Skye Collection and Loren Collection, have beautiful antique-style rugs with a price you will love.

Between the designs, fabrics, and the machining process, area rugs by Loloi make long lasting, soft, and beautiful rugs, perfect for any home or budget. 

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