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The Emory collection by Loloi combines classic designs with soft, understated motifs and neutral colors. Some highlights of the collection include modern floral designs or other natural patterns, as well as soft browns and tan area rug colors.

The high-traffic area rugs incorporate some of the most trendy colors and designs with tried and true manufacturing techniques to create rugs that look great and are designed to last. Emory by Loloi rugs are the perfect choice for adding color and style to even the highest traffic areas of your home.


Loloi Emory Rugs Are the Perfect Addition to Any Room

Bring a blend of classic style and modern artistry to any room in your home with the Loloi Emory collection. These beautiful rugs are designed in a transitional style to mix the best of classical and antique rugs with bold and modern aesthetic choices. The result is a collection of gorgeous rugs that work just as well in a classical conservatory as they do in a modern living room.
The founder of Loloi, Amir Loloi, was a devotee of traditional styles who searched for the best designers and craftspeople in India for more than 25 years before launching his own company. Today, Loloi works with both traditional and modern designs, exporting beautifully designed and affordable rugs around the world. Each Loloi Emory rug is part of this tradition of quality and passion for design.
This collection represents the blending of the old and new worlds that epitomizes the Loloi design aesthetic: these artificially distressed rugs look like antiques while folding in more modern and bold design choices. Their subtle patterns and variations run from traditional floral patterning to consciously askew lines and shapes that scream modern art.
Imagine your favorite room in the house, with your new Loloi Emory rug. Sinking your toes into a comfortable piece of art that you love looking at is a great feeling.

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You'll find a Loloi Emory rug for you in our collection of dozens of different designs to choose from, no matter what your home decor is, or what kind of space you are working in.
The Loloi Emory collection comes in shades of white, black, gray, silver, granite, and ivory. The varied patterns are artificially distressed, giving each rug an antique look. Each Loloi Emory rug is power-loomed in Turkey from 100% polypropylene fiber. A rug pad is recommended to reduce slippage, add cushion, and improve durability over time.
Whether you are looking for a small rug to stand on while working at a standing desk, or a massive area rug for your living room, the Loloi Emory collection has rugs in all sizes, from 2x4 to 12x15 and up. You'll find the Loloi Emory rug for you in dimensions that fit your space.
If you are looking for something in a softer, trendy, and contemporary style, you might be interested in Loloi Norabel rugs. These cozy and clear patterns in bright, muted colors bring a different calming energy to your favorite spaces.

Emory Loloi Area Rugs for Sale at Payless Rugs

The Emory Loloi Collection may have more minimalist designs, but that doesn't mean every option is made to blend into the background. In addition to some subtle shades, many of these rugs are also available in bright, bold tones that add a customized look to your home décor. Meanwhile, the sleek patterns instantly add an upscale look to any space. Best of all, you'll save money when you purchase your Emory Loloi rugs from Payless Rugs.