Poeme Collection by Jaipur

Jaipur Poeme Area Rugs at Payless Rugs

With ornate designs and rich colors, these Poeme Collection rugs represent some of the most luxurious items available from the Jaipur brand. These are best-selling products at Payless Rugs for a reason. Despite their incredibly beautiful designs and excellent craftsmanship, each one is available for an affordable price. From small entryway rugs to giant living room area rugs, you'll find the gorgeous oriental rug style you want when you order from the Jaipur Poeme Collection. Jaipur Oriental rugs are the timeless, elegant rugs you want to make your home feel stylish and inviting.

Jaipur Poeme Area Rugs for Sale at Payless Rugs

There's no shortage of oriental rugs online, but when you go to other retailers, you'll often be overcharged for lackluster products. At Payless Rugs, that's never the case. Each of these Jaipur rugs is handmade in India using skilled techniques and high-quality materials. They are made to last for years to come, even in active, busy households. Meanwhile, you'll get a great price on some of the most beautiful and intricate rug designs you'll find anywhere online or in stores.