The Art of Layering Rugs & Stair Runners

The Art of Layering Rugs & Stair Runners

Posted by Payless Rugs on Apr 18th 2024

The Art of Layering Rugs & Stair Runners

Rugs and similar floor coverings are the perfect items to turn to when you're looking for a way to fill space, add texture and color, and pull a room or space together that feels far too bare. That being said, knowing what to look for and how to get started can be a major barrier for many homeowners and renters. For example, what should you look for in things like rugs and stair runners? More importantly, can you layer them? Let's take a closer look at the art of layering rugs and stair runners and how you can make it happen in your home.

What Are Rugs and What Are Stair Runners?

A rug is any type of textile that is woven using a thick material and designed to serve as a covering for a floor, although many rugs are now defined by a backing that material is run through in order to keep the rug together as it is used. Rugs have been around since at least 500 B.C., making them an essential part of the home that kept the ground warm and soft and added a touch of sophistication to the space around them. It's also interesting to know that rugs may have been used to adorn walls (and still are) as well as act as table placements.

What about stair runners? A stair runner is a type of rug that runs up stairs to increase safety, as well as offering other benefits like noise reduction and a more stylish look. Stair runners are much more recent, with wooden stairs coming into fashion in the 1800s and early stair runners being developed for these new types of stairs around the same time.

Can You Layer Rugs?

So, can you layer rugs? Absolutely! Most will do this because some rugs can be out of their price range. By putting a thin rug on the floor and adding a decorative rug on top of it, they can create a truly unique look at a much more affordable price. Some may also do this if they want to add more texture or volume to their rugs. If you have a home with carpeting, layering rugs over this is fine and often recommended too, adding different textures and colors while protecting the underlying carpet at the same time.

Can you layer stair runners? Yes, you can! People get quite creative with stair runners, adding different patterns and combining colors to get something that's just their style. For example, you could easily install other stair runners alongside your main choice, like an Antelope Stair Runner. Some will even install stair runners over carpets in their homes. Just make sure it doesn't affect your safety when you do this.

What to Consider When Shopping for Rugs or Stair Runners

Where Do You Want to Put Your Rug?

Where you put your rugs can make all the difference in your ability to layer them. For example, if you need outdoor rugs, you'll probably be satisfied with a thick one that's durable enough to withstand the elements. Meanwhile, it might be easier to mix and match thinner indoor rugs.

What Styles and Materials Catch Your Eye?

Are you a fan of minimalistic designs or do you want something unique like Turkish rugs? Do you like wool, cotton, sheepskin? Figure out your taste before you start shopping, especially if you plan on layering.

How Can You Make It Your Own?

See what others have done to layer their rugs and get a unique look, then think about what your style is like and how you can mix and match things to ensure your personality comes out when you get the finished product.

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