Posted by Payless Rugs on Feb 13th 2024

With beautiful hardwood stairs comes the risk of slipping and falling or missing a step and hurting yourself. This is why you need a stair runner. Below, we'll take a closer look at the importance of stair runners in regard to safety and style, some general installation tips, and how to find the right stair runner for your needs.

Why Do You Need a Stair Runner?

Wooden stairs can be quite beautiful, but they aren't always the safest. Even the most well-maintained stairs can be a major slipping hazard. Put simply, a stair runner is crucial to make sure you don't fall and to help you more easily see every step on the way down.

It serves another purpose as well. Installing a stair runner can help you protect your wooden stairs or even cover up any unsightly imperfections that may already be there. A stair runner improves the overall safety and style of your staircase without covering it entirely like carpet would.

What Does Installation Look Like?

The installation process can be rather extensive, but it's important to follow every step in order to make sure that your carpet is properly secured and there's no risk of the carpet slipping out from under you while you're going up or down the stairs. A basic overview of the installation process looks like:

  • Measuring the stair tread and the height of the riser to determine how much stair runner you'll need to cover each step. You can easily find custom size rug runners to meet your staircase specifications.
  • Laying down carpet pads and taping them down to your stairs. These carpet pads will prevent your stair runner from slipping as most carpets won't offer any grip without them.
  • Install your stair runner starting from the bottom, taking care to carefully staple the runner into each step in order to properly secure it. Make sure to take your time so that you don't miss any step, which could cause major problems for you later.

How to Find the Right Runner for Your Needs

The most important aspect of your stair runner is that it's the right size. Beyond that, however, you have full control over the look and texture of your stair runner. This leaves many homeowners wondering, how do I choose a stair runner? Here are some tips for choosing a runner that meets your specific needs and style.

  • Consider Your Budget: Do you have a relatively big budget for interior design or are you looking for something more cost-effective? If it's the latter, don't worry. There are plenty of carpet runners on sale that look great.
  • Consider Your Home’s Style: It's important that your stair runner matches the surrounding decor. How will you decorate your home? Are you looking for something more timeless and simple or do you want something that really pops?
  • Remember How Much Work Will Be Involved: Stair runners still need to be cleaned. If you know that your carpet is going to get dirty quickly or you have pets, you may want a stair runner that's darker to make cleaning easier for you.

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