Benefits Of Area Rugs For Open Floor Plans

Benefits Of Area Rugs For Open Floor Plans

Posted by Payless Rugs on Jun 13th 2024

Open floor plans like lofts, renovated industrial buildings, and newer, modern homes create a living space that offers a seamless flow from room to room. These open and expansive spaces are breathtaking but can create an interior design challenge. Enter area rugs. Area rugs offer a versatile, fashionable, and functional solution that enhances the overall look and feel of an open floor plan. There are a variety of ways to use area rugs that will create a warm, welcoming, and inviting home.

Area Rugs Provide Function and Feel

Area rugs are an open floor plan's best design friend. They not only look great and provide a foundation for each “room” but they also define each space without walls. They beautifully anchor furniture groupings and create the personality of the room. For example, an oversized plush rug defines the living room, offering a soft, welcoming ambiance. The dining room, on the other hand, although close by, could showcase an area rug that is sleeker and flatter like an oriental weave. Plus, the edge of each area rug is so different it gives you enough visual cues to tell what room you are in.

Provides Comfort and Warmth

Open spaces can feel cold and uninviting, especially if they are ceramic tile hardwood. Even if they feature wall-to-wall carpet, adding area rugs adds layers of texture and warmth to a cozier space. Area rugs are ideal for walking on your bare feet, playing, or resting on the floor, especially for families with children and pets.

Reduces Noise & Improves Acoustics

Sound is always an issue with large spaces, especially with multiple windows and tall ceilings. Sound easily travels and creates loud, annoying echoes. Area rugs, just like furniture and window treatments, help absorb the sounds and improve the room's acoustics. This is especially helpful if the space is a high-traffic area, is used for entertaining, or doubles as a home office. Area rugs not only add ambiance, they reduce the echoes, soften loud sounds, and create a quieter, pleasant space.

Provide Decor Options and Flexibility

The design sky is the limit with area rugs. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials, providing design and decor flexibility. Larger rugs can serve as a focal point for the room and complement furniture and decor. Runners and smaller rugs can lead your eye from room to room and visually separate them. This makes it easy to transition decor from season to season, changing the use of the room if needed and entirely updating the decor style.

Provide Functional Floor Protection

Area rugs not only offer aesthetic and acoustic features, but they also protect the flooring underneath from wear and tear and damage. They shield hardwood and tile from scratches, spills, pet accidents, stains, and tracked in dirt and grime. They are much easier and less expensive to replace than the entire floor.

Adds a Layer of Safety and Prevents Slipping

Area rugs add a layer of safety to an open space, especially with hardwood floors or ceramic tiles where slipping is common. This is especially helpful for homes with aging family members or young children. The rug alone is helpful, but adding a non-slip rug pad underneath each area rug provides stability and prevents the rug from sliding and moving around.

Create a Beautiful Open Space With Area Rugs

Area rugs will instantly transform your wide open space into a warm, welcoming, and inviting home, sweet home. Whether you prefer traditional Momeni area rugs or Oriental Weavers rugs, Payless Rugs will help you create a beautiful open space with area rugs. Explore our impressive selection today.