Area Rugs For A Relaxed Beach House Vibe

Area Rugs For A Relaxed Beach House Vibe

Posted by Payless Rugs on Jun 25th 2024

Whether you just want to give your home a coastal vibe or plan to outfit your beach home with the latest area rug styles, there are many elements to consider. From knotted or silky textures and neutral to vibrant colors, you can set the tone you choose with help from Payless Rugs. Learn more about how the appropriate size, color, and material selection can cultivate the feeling of a beach home no matter where you live.

Style Elements to Consider

From cute 20-inch shower rugs to impactful area rugs up to 15-feet wide, there are many sizes available. Color, material, pattern, and texture also play a part in creating that beachy vibe. Will you opt for subtle blues and greens to carry the palette of the ocean indoors? Or do you need brilliant hues to offset neutral tones in your home? For the perfect beach house feel, consider the following characteristics.


You don't have to fill up an entire room to make an impact. However, you can find large area rugs that run wall to wall if you want the feel of fine carpet under your feet. As a general rule, bedroom rugs typically extend beneath the bed and nightstands while living room rugs should extend beneath the front legs of your furniture. Braided rugs come in an array of shapes and sizes and make great accent features for beach décor.

Color and Material

Beachy colors include sandy beige, light blue, seafoam green, and crisp white. Choose from natural fibers like jute for small area rugs or synthetics to add warmth and texture. Viscose, or rayon, is a man-made fiber that has a silky sheen and softness that reflects light beautifully. Place viscose rugs in low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms. Wool rugs have a natural, earthy look available in various textures. These resilient area rugs provide insulation on nippy evenings and hide dirt well.

Pattern and Texture

Stripes, geometric shapes, and color blocks all leave a unique impact and help you create a customized look. Use texture to add comfort and interest. For example, a flatweave rug is easy to clean and won’t present a trip hazard.

Area Rugs for the Perfect Beach Look

Cultivate the feeling of a beach home with Capel area rugs such as the Capel Blue Waterway Rug that heightens a nautical-themed space. The Capel Darkest Black St Johnsbury Rug makes a statement in a monochromatic room.

Flatweave rugs are woven flat with no pile, making them reversible and easy to move. Handmade rugs are typically knotted, woven, or tufted. Each piece is unique and reflects an individual aesthetic. Knotted rugs include popular Persian and Oriental rugs you can blend into an eclectic beach décor.

Machine-made rugs are the most affordable and practical for everyday use. However, tufted rugs have a luxurious plush pile and lend a high-quality element to beach décor.

It seems as though nearly any type of rug can fit into a beach theme. However, if you're looking for a customized look, our knowledgeable sales team can help you find the material, color, and style that will make your beach home or beach decor pop.

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