Nourison 2000 Collection by Nourison

The Nourison 2000 Collection Has A Variety Of Shapes, Sizes & Styles

There is a Nourison 2000 area rug for any area in your home. These traditional style rugs come in sizes from 2x4 to 12x15 and up, and in a variety of browns, beiges, and navy blues that will mesh perfectly into your design palette. If you love rich, classical designs with dense and baroque patterning, you'll love the 2000 collection by Nourison, which embodies the best elements of traditional rug designs from India and Turkey in high-quality and durable rugs.

Nourison is a company you can trust, with more than 40 years of experience as a global leader in rugs. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, Nourison has manufacturing and distribution facilities on 5 continents and oversees every part of the production process, from the initial artistic design of each rug to the complete production process. This is how they can ensure the highest quality and durability in their rugs. The rugs Nourison has for sale online are some of the best in the world, mixing modern manufacturing techniques with traditional design aesthetics to create rugs that would look perfectly at home in a Sultan's palace, but will hold up over time even in a high-traffic area in your home.

Nourison 2000 area rugs also come in a range of shapes, from traditional square and rectangle area rugs to ovals and circles for specific areas in your home. Choose a round rug for your dining room table or an oval rug for your computer area. You'll be able to find a beautifully designed classical rug in any shape or size, so no matter what room in your house you have in mind, there is a Nourison 2000 rug that will fit perfectly.

Nourison 2000 Collection rugs offer the perfect blend of Persian and European design elements. Nourison 2000 rugs are hand tufted and have a high-density pile that will redefine what you know about luxury. Nourison 2000 rugs are made of New Zealand wool and are handcrafted for quality you can see and feel. At Payless Rugs, we make it easy to get the quality area rugs you crave by importing some of the finest pieces from the Nourison 2000 wool rug collection including unique round, oval and hexagonal rugs. Browse popular styles like the Nourison 2000 2204 Midnight Rug by Nourison or the Nourison 2000 2002 Burgundy Rug by Nourison and find your perfect rug today!

Payless Rugs offers a variety of Nourison wool and silk rugs at affordable prices. We carry Nourison wool and silk rugs of all colors, shapes and sizes so you can decorate your bedroom, living room, office or other space with ease. Go for the bold statement or a subtle, neutral design with Nourison's handmade and hand-tufted New Zealand wool rugs.

Upgrade Your Living Space When You Purchase A Nourison 2000 Area Rug

A beautiful traditional area rug like the Nourison 2000 can improve almost any space, offering both comfort and a stimulating point of visual interest. Nourison 2000 rugs have interesting and dense patterns that aren't overpowering but draw the eye in. They are also comfortable. You'll love to dig your toes into these 100% wool pile rugs. It's a pleasure to kick your shoes off and sink into the soft wool of a Nourison 2000! 

You'll feel like royalty when you decorate your bedroom, living room, office, or dining room with a Nourison 2000 rug. These rich and intricate designs immediately elevate any room and impart a sense of sophistication. Whether you are trying to add something to define a minimalist space or trying to match a room full of art and antiques, there is a Nourison 2000 rug for you. Versatile, beautiful, and traditional, these high-quality and durable wool rugs make the perfect addition to the room you are designing.

If your design aesthetic trends toward something bolder and avant-garde, you can leave the past behind entirely and shop Nourison Prismatic rugs. These paradigm-breaking modern art designs are shockingly beautiful, even if they throw tradition out the window in favor of something new.