The Importance Of Area Rugs In Small Living Spaces

The Importance Of Area Rugs In Small Living Spaces

Posted by Payless Rugs on Mar 2nd 2024

The Importance Of Area Rugs In Small Living Spaces

An area rug may seem like it's merely a decoration, but it serves more purposes than just looking pretty. These rugs make your home more comfortable and offer some valuable boundaries in what could be a small space. The addition of an area rug can change your perception of the room from one that feels crowded to one that feels much more like a home.

Protecting Flooring

If you have pets or small children, your hardwood floors may suffer if left uncovered. With an area rug, you’ll get a beautiful aesthetic addition to your space while also protecting your flooring from scratches, dents, and dings.

Reducing Noise Overall

When you first move into a new place, sounds and echoes seem more prominent. That's because there are many exposed hard surfaces and few soft surfaces, so sound waves bounce around more. As you add furnishings, the echoes dwindle, but sound may still be loud.

Add an area rug, however, and that all changes. Now footsteps and other sounds are more muffled, and there's more insulation between you and the person below. Area rugs absorb more echoing sound waves that would otherwise hit the hard floor.

Providing a Warmer Place to Walk and Sit

Hard flooring can be rather cold, even when you have the heater on. While cool flooring is nice in summer, the rest of the year may see you dread walking around without shoes or slippers. The cold may seem to radiate around the room as well. Area rugs provide warmth and cushioning, adding a cozy feel to the room.

Creating Boundaries Between Spaces

Finally, if you're trying to organize a small space like a studio apartment, an area rug can help delineate different living spaces such as the living area and bedroom area. Even if there are no walls to divide the two, the edge of a rug provides enough visual cues to help you feel like you're now in one space or the other.

This can be especially important in a smaller space because it can trick the eye into seeing a larger space. Instead of one space with the same flooring that looks like one small room, you now have a space with distinct sections.

Find The Perfect Area Rug For Your Small Space!

Don't let a small space hold you back from achieving a beautiful interior design and cozy energy. An area rug may be just what the space needs to look more lively and useful. From the distressed look of Loloi Javari rugs to the colors of Surya area rugs, you can find what you need at Payless Rugs. Visit our website to browse our extensive selection!