Spring Cleaning: Tips For Caring For Your Area Rugs

Spring Cleaning: Tips For Caring For Your Area Rugs

Posted by Payless Rugs on Apr 8th 2024

Spring Cleaning: Tips For Caring For Your Area Rugs

Do you want to spread the freshness of spring into your lovely house decor? Undoubtedly, among the many elements of spring cleaning that we often overlook is the care of our area rugs. Connect with the experts of the home decor industry and get helpful advice along with excellent extra tips to keep your area always looking like new. We will explore some of the useful tips that will enable you to maintain clean, odorless, and brand-new-looking rugs. So for example, if you own beautiful blue area rugs, they can still maintain their vibrant color and not become dull and lifeless.

Why is Spring Cleaning Important for Area Rugs?

Quite often, one finds that the dirt accumulated on area rugs can shorten their life and reduce their appeal. Over the course of time, the debris could be mud, dust, and dander, which will accumulate, and eventually, the carpet will become worn out and dirty. Conducting spring cleaning allows the rugs to undergo proper cleaning, giving them a refreshed and restored appearance. In addition, the accumulated dirt can be removed with regular deep cleaning done by professionals.

Tips for Caring for Your Area Rugs

There is no doubt that vacuuming is arguably the most routinely performed task that can help maintain the quality of your carpet. Attempt to ensure that you vacuum your carpets on a regular basis, at least once a week, to remove the dust and dirt on the surface level. Of course, this will prevent dirt from getting deeper into the fibers and also extend the life of your rugs. You should also rotate your area rugs every six months to ensure that there is no uneven wear and tear. This helps maintain evenness throughout the carpet so that certain places don't become unusually worn out, and the whole rug keeps its fresh, new appearance.

The promptness of reacting to spills or stains is also important, as liquids tend to soak the carpet fibers pretty quickly, which makes them hard to reach. Apply a clean cloth to the stain using a water-detergent mix or any other equivalent solution. Don't rub the stain. Otherwise, the spot is going to increase in size, and it will take further effort to get rid of it. Certainly, proper maintenance is the key to a clean rug, but professional cleaning at least once a year is also necessary. Only specialists who have been trained and are well-equipped can properly clean your carpet and uproot the deep-seated dirty particles and allergens with the help of their professional cleaning tools.

If you own any rugs that are not currently in use, it is important to store them correctly, otherwise, they could get damaged. Unroll your rugs in a way that does not cause creases but keep them folded in a flat and smooth manner instead. After that, put them in a cool, dry area that does not receive natural light and humidity.

Spruce Up Your Rugs Today

Using good care and proper maintenance are the two main components to make sure handmade rugs are always in very good condition. These measures and their addition to your usual spring-cleaning routine are a guarantee that your rugs will look fresh and presentable as well as in good shape for a long time ahead. When you pay attention to the little details, the durability and longevity of your carpet will be surprisingly improved.

By following the tips above, you'll see that taking proper care of your area rugs is not really that difficult. You can always have fresh and clean rugs, which will make your home look even better this spring. If you want to keep your beloved rugs looking great for as long as possible, and when it's time to call in the pros for deep cleaning in spring, you can always rely on our team. The professional experts at Payless Rugs are ready to help you tackle cleaning your rugs using the best equipment and techniques. If you want to learn more about your washable area rugs reach out to us today.