Posted by Payless Rugs on Jan 16th 2024

A decor feature that is sometimes overlooked for beautifully bringing the look of a room together is area rugs. They are a very important element in room design. Not only do they enhance the acoustics and welcoming appeal of the space, but they also anchor furniture, light fixtures, window treatments, and home accents. Take a look at five Jaipur rugs that Payless Rugs recommends that serve as statement pieces that you can easily add to your home. Each one is designed to be durable but very soft and comfortable underfoot. Our design experts are ready to help you find a color and design that is perfect for your family and lifestyle.

Salinas Collection Handcrafted in India Offers Eye-catching, Tasteful Designs

Artistic, unique, and extraordinary are the Salinas Jaipur Rug collections. Expertly designed using traditional hand knotting weaving techniques and special materials, they are available in an array of colors, patterns, designs, and textures. Plus, they are perfect for coordinating your decor throughout your home including entryways, main living areas, and entryways.

1. Willa Rug Features Rich, Radiant Shades: If you're looking for a radiant rug that compliments neutral furnishings and paint colors, Willa Rug will fit into your home with ease. Rich, deep rusts, browns, blacks, and beige are the focal points of an extraordinary pattern that has borders with warm complementary colors and shades.

2. Farwell Design Welcomes With Notable Neutrals: If you and looking for a less is more rug that lights up a room with sophistication and style, say, "hello" to Farwell. A pleasing, easy-on-the-eye, color, pattern and design with lovely neutral hues will fit any decor and taste. Anchor the room with this beautiful area rug and the sky's the limit.

3. Slayton Brings Outside Elements In: Capture touches of the outside with Slayton, a desirable rug that brings the outside inside. Rich greens, browns, and neutral hues come together creating a timeless pattern for any room in your home. This is for you if you enjoy colorful accents, because not only is it inspired by nature, it will add warmth and welcoming notes to everything in the room. Plus the border provides a layer of design that anchors the room.

4. Donte Demands Attention: Transition your entire room simply by adding an area rug to your flooring. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet, hardwood, tiles, or another floor type, this is the rug that demands attention. First, the beautiful pattern of Donte steals the show with sophisticated elegance. But the combination of colors is the star of this flooring show. Deep, rich red, rust, and orange thoughtfully speckled with shades of blue, beige and brown create a delightful show of color.

5. Flynn Creates A Traditional Look: If you enjoy nostalgia and tradition, Flynn is a design that is a subtle yet classic statement piece. Neutral colors with pops of soft blue create a canvas for any decor style. Look closely at the pattern that will effortlessly blend in and complement your home.

Transition Your Home By Making A Statement With Area Rugs By Payless

Take a look at your home and focus on your flooring. Now is the perfect time to enhance your space with a new, beautiful Jaipur Salinas Rug from Payless Rugs. We have a statement rug for you!