Hudson Collection by Sphinx of Oriental Weavers

Do you love exotic designs and earthy tones? If so, you won't find a better fit for your style than these rugs from the Hudson Collection by Sphinx of Oriental Weavers. Each one features nature-inspired colors like wine red and rich terra cotta. These organically toned rugs work well as background pieces with more dominating décor, or they can be paired with neutral surroundings to help them stand out as a statement piece. Either way, the exotic designs are sure to turn heads. These rugs everything from rustic outdoor scenes to leafy patterns to natural waves of color. You'll even find some timeless tribal designs in this collection as well. Like all Sphinx rugs, these products from the Hudson Collection feature Oriental Weavers' famous durability. The polypropylene used to construct each rug is tough and naturally stain resistant while still being cozy enough to curl up on. Kids and adults alike will love how inviting these rugs can be. Meanwhile, you'll revel in the fact that you were able to get such luxurious designs at a great price by shopping at Payless Rugs.