Delhi Collection by Momeni

Making a statement with your home's style is easy when you choose a rug from the Momeni Delhi Collection. These area rugs feature incredibly vibrant colors that add a brightness and energy to any room. Meanwhile, the Momeni Delhi Collection is known for its distinctive designs that range from abstract details to precise geometric patterns. The careful craftsmanship used to create each of these hand-tufted rugs also creates a luxurious look for each rug. And because they are hand-carved, these Momeni rugs also have a higher level of texture and depth than your average area rug. The Momeni Delhi Collection is made in India with 100 percent wool. Each one has a soft, cozy feel while still being easy to keep clean, even in active households. Your guests are sure to comment on the eye-catching designs, while your family will love that these rugs are comfortable enough to curl up on. Get your Momeni rugs from Payless Rugs to take advantage of our affordable pricing on high-quality pieces for your home.