Mellow Collection by Capel

If you need an easy way to tie together your home décor while also creating an inviting space, these rugs from the Capel Mellow Collection have got you covered. Each one features a subtle, muted shade that can easily be matched with a wide variety of décor. These are some of the best go-to rugs for tying together a room with a simple, cohesive color. Meanwhile, these rugs feature an incredibly plush and soft texture that instantly warms up the space. Rugs in the Capel Mellow Collection are made with 100 percent olefin. This material, though soft, is especially durable and resistant to stains and spills. It's easy to keep clean and, due to its precise, machine-woven construction, will also keep snags at bay. These are some of the top picks for comfy yet durable rugs that the whole family will enjoy. Choose from a variety of rectangular area rug sizes when you purchase yours from Payless Rugs or get in touch to learn more about custom rug sizing options.