Baja Collection by Momeni

Indoor/outdoor rugs are available from a wide range of retailers, but few offer the stylish selections you're looking for. That's why so many Payless Rug customers end up choosing a rug from the Momeni Baja Collection. These indoor/outdoor rugs feature trend-conscious designs with unique geometric patterns and fabulously fresh color choices. These simple graphic patterns serve as the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of family activities without overpowering the rest of your décor. Meanwhile, the vibrant colors help to brighten up any space and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Durability is key when it comes to an outdoor rug. Because Momeni Baja Collection rugs are made with polypropylene, they feature a comfortable feel along with incredible resilience. These rugs are easy to clean, even when spills and stains occur. They're also machine-made, which eliminates imperfections and guarantees a consistent, precise design. Get your Momeni Baja rugs from Payless rugs to lock in the best price on these high-quality home décor products.