Choosing The Right Living Room Area Rug

The living room is the center space of any house. It is a portion of our home where the family gathers every day to relax and hold conversations. 

Isn’t it funny how we can turn this room into a dining area or a bedroom? I know most of us have eaten meals  or have slept in the living room. We all consider this our comfort zone!

With good living room sets and neutral floor types, we can make this place even more exciting by choosing the right rug.

This article will discuss:

  1. What are things to consider when choosing a living room rug?

  2. How do you decorate a living room with a rug?

What are things to consider when choosing a living room rug?

One of the main reasons why people use area rugs in their living room is to highlight and accent their furniture and overall home decor. An area rug can establish a striking contrast to the flooring or furniture and perfectly tie it all together. Think of an area rug as the icing on the cake!

Rugs can emphasize the furniture and can add beauty to the living room.  Here are some things you need to consider when buying a rug for the living room.

1. Area Rug Size

  • Make sure to choose a rug that will fit in your living room.

  • Consider its width. You can confirm the size by measuring your seating area.

  • Aim for a rug to occupy a good space. 

  • The size should not be super-fitted. Make room for adjustments in case you decide to change the living room future. 

2. Rug Color

  • Choose colors that you like. You can select a rug that includes at least two of your favorite colors.

  • It is best to pick colors that would complement your house’s paint and furniture type.

  • It will make the living room cozy and homely.

  • Keep it neutral.

  • Keep in mind of furniture color. Be aware that certain colors may clash.

3. Rug Design

  • Choose a design that stands  out without overshadowing the decorations.

  • A combination of black and white is fairly suitable for all colors. 

  • Plain colors like gray, brown, and tan can also match. 

  • But do not settle for basic. You want to accent the decor, not overwhelm the room with too many patterns and colors.

  • Choose unique rug patterns. It can also add a perfect amount of visual interest in the room.

4. Material

  • If you want something fun, go for a Shag rug. Shag rugs are made of sheep's wool and can be very soft to our feet.

  • A Flat Weave type of rug is great if you are looking for something simple. This is the common type of rug that is usually made out of cotton or silk. This rug can be reversible and is less dust absorbent.

How do you decorate a living room with a rug?

Rugs can be used to define furniture in the living room. It can keep the furniture grounded and accent the room. Rugs add to comfort when we walk or rest our feet on it. Since this is the place we hang out most, we want to make it warm and comfy at all times.

But how can you blend your rug with your house’s paint and furniture? What are things to  consider when using a rug as part of your home’s decor? 

These are easy tips on how to decorate a living room with a rug.

1. Rug Placement

When buying a rug, always consider the space in your living room. If your furniture is not against the wall, choose a rug that would occupy the couch and center table. All of them should fit on the rug. The furniture should be on the rug, not the floor.

If your couch is against the wall, position your rug at the center. The couch does not have to be on the rug entirely.

2. The Theme of Your House

It is important to match the rug with your house’s color scheme so it doesn't look odd. Always choose a rug that contains colors complementary to the house and the furniture. When the living room matches, you will always be excited to hang out in the living room.

Use neutral colors because it will easily match with a variety of designs. Being a minimalist is an art. Whatever arrangements you plan to have in your home, keep the colors in harmony.

3. Choose The Right Color

Keep your living room well lit. If the room lacks natural lighting, pick a rug that is light in color to neutralize the brightness. 

If your house has a good source of lighting, you can choose either a light or dark rug. Either one is great!

4. Play Around With Shape

Rugs do not have to be in a set position. Play around with its shape. You can place it in a diagonal, vertical, or horizontal direction. Smart placement of your rug can create a beautiful setup. 

Create varieties of rug positioning. You can decorate your living room with a rug that’s either rectangular, circular or any other shape of a rug.


Rugs can anchor the living room, define the furniture, and make it more fashionable. The most important matter we should consider when buying an area rug is the size, color, design, and material. When designing your living room with a rug, look into the dominant colors of your house. Make sure to match the color of your home and furniture with the right rug for a beautiful, peaceful living room.