Brunswick Collection by Surya

Combining Style & Performance

Meet the Brunswick Collection from Surya! Perfecting the balance of subtle style and hassle free performance, its no wonder Brunswick is fast becoming a best seller! Made of a synthetic blended pile of 50% Polypropylene and 50% Polyester, this medium pile rug features simple motifs for understated accents to your décor. Not easily fitting into any mold, Brunswick by Surya has a look and feel of its own.


The Surya Brunswick collection combines modern and contemporary designs borrowed from art museums and oil paintings alongside classical and traditional rug designs that have always been popular. These artificially worn and weathered designs can provide a muted texture to a minimalist room, or a fascinating storm of clarity in a maximalist living room or dining room.
You'll find the perfect area rug for any designed space in your home in the Surya Brunswick collection, and these high-quality rugs will do more than just delight your family, friends, and guests - they will provide comfort and cushion under your feet for a long time. The rugs in the Surya Brunswick collection are machine-woven and can stand up to regular wear and tear, including heavy foot traffic in the most used and enjoyed rooms in your home.
If you want an eye-catching area rug that will bring an elegant sophistication and a complex visual element to spaces in your home, and you need your rugs to stand up to the test of time and resist the damage of daily use, shop online for a Surya Brunswick rug.

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Surya is one of the largest and most accomplished manufacturers of pillows and rugs in India, and they understand how to produce rugs that are both durable and comfortable, and have enlisted some of the most skilled and visionary designers to help create collections like the Surya Brunswick collection.
A Surya Brunswick rug combines the best elements of antique weathered and worn rugs with subtle variations in color, pattern, and texture, and modern designs that stand out and stimulate the eye. Whether you choose to go with a relatively contemporary design like the BWK-2302, which would be at home hanging on a bare wall in the Tate Modern, or a classical design like the BWK-2315 that embodies traditional design elements and would fit right into a sultan's bedroom, you'll find the perfect Surya Brunswick rug for you by searching online for the best rug for your space.
For a different eclectic mix of traditional and modern designs, check out a Surya Monte Carlo rug. These bold geometric area rugs include both classic design elements and new twists, with a muted color palette. Or, if you're looking for even more dense patterning and weathering in your classic designs, shop online for a Surya Presidential rug. These high-quality artificially worn rugs won't dominate your design aesthetic but will provide a sophisticated pattern and texture for a carefully designed space in your home.