Transitional Rugs: A Classic-Modern Accent To Any Room At Home

Do you own a rug, but it became dull and boring? Does it no longer excite you the moment you look at it?   Then you’d probably want a rug that remains interesting after years of continuous use, a transitional rug.

When choosing a rug, we all have different preferences. Some would go for classic or a vintage type of rug, as others would pick a rug with a modern design. If you are looking for a perfect mixture of both, transitional rugs are the solution. These rugs are particularly made to create a brilliant blend of traditional and contemporary rug designs. Why buy separate ones and alternately use them,  when you can have both in one? 

When people hear about “transitional rugs” for the first time, many have questions like:

What is the difference between traditional rugs and contemporary rugs? 

What is a transitional rug? 

What is a transitional decorating style? 

Here's a more detailed look into these questions  as well as a few examples.

Traditional Vs Contemporary

Traditional Rugs

  • Traditional rugs consist of European and Asian inspired patterns, that are widely used to embody luxury and wealth in the past. 

  • It is often thought of as formal, but they can be in casual living spaces, like your kitchen, terrace, or patio. 

  • These rugs often contain specific elements of floral shades and intricate designs. 

  • The most prominent shapes are square, diamonds, or complex patterns that create warmth in any area at home. 

Contemporary Rug

  • Contemporary rugs are characterized by bold uses of colors and free-form style elements. 
  • They appear to have a modern look and are composed of organized patterns preferred by younger generations. 
  • The designs are inspired from past appearances but the look and the feel are different compared to the traditional ones. 
  • These rugs have vibrant color schemes and contemporary prints. 
  • Most common prints do not include complex patterns because the modern generation is accustomed to minimalistic rug designs. 

What are transitional rugs?

If you are searching for transitional rugs, you probably have seen relevant results as contemporary rugs. How do these two differ from each other? While traditional rugs are known for their intricate patterns and contemporary rugs highlight the modern style, transitional rugs are a perfect mixture of both. It is ideal for achieving a vintage look and a modern vibe at home.   Here is a great example of a Transitional Rug from The Loloi Clara Collection.

Wondering if a transitional rug is right for you and if it’s worth the investment? Certainly, "yes." After all, if you own an expensive antique type of rug and it gives you happiness, it is never a waste of money. Choosing a transitional type of rug is definitely pocket-friendly because the style is relevant even when years have passed. 

What is a transitional decorating style?

Transitional design links the uniqueness of both traditional and modern innovation. It’s traditional rug prints mixed with contemporary style give contrast to your tile  floor, and it defines your furniture without overshadowing your existing home decor. If you own a plain gray sofa, a tan rug with sleek shades of lines and curves can add warmth to your room. The comfortable vibe that transitional rugs create, gives your room a fair and fashionable ambiance. 

In any room at home, its plain color schemes and simple patterns form an open space to strike a neutral harmony between classic and modern trends. A beige rug with a square or circular shade can blend well on your wood floor. To give you a glimpse of a timeless style and how it can accent your overall home aesthetic, here’s how you decorate your living room, dining room, and your bedroom using transitional rug designs. 

Living room 

You may have the minimal home decor in your living room. You have furniture of neutral colors, and your floor tiles are plain white, gray, or tan. All those seem blended and harmonized, but it lacks something that could make the room well occupied. Transitional rugs can accent your style and give contrast to your furniture.

  • A tan rug  with random floral tones can easily fill in the dullness in your living room. A minimal wall art, plain lamps, translucent center table, and few picture frames are what you need. Let the transitional rug be an instrument in making your living room look inviting and homey at the same time.

  • Do you have walls with a plain white painting? Your concern is how you can elevate the style without hanging so much just to make it feel homey. Your transitional, subdued gray rug can give justice to your minimal fixtures thus, you won’t be needing to add a lot of extra decor.

  • If your wood flooring does not complement well with your furniture, adding this rug will enhance the combination of your couch to your floor. Everything in your living room only takes a touch of a transitional rug to have it all set apiece.

Dining room

A dining room doesn’t require many fixtures to make it interesting. The fact that it’s a place where we eat, which is everyone’s favorite, that alone is enough. It somehow hinders us to put in additional aesthetic concepts. 

  • Looking into the importance of a rug to your dining room, it protects your floor from scratches. Most dining tables are wood, the same as the chairs that surround it. 

  • Everyday use and regular pulling in and out of the chairs can cause line marks on your floor. By using a rug, it shelters your floor and in the same way, gives comfort underfoot. 

  • Using transitional rugs in the dining area can elevate simplicity into something stylish while protecting your floor. 

  • Plain ornaments or simple lines and curves on a rug make the dining area look spacious. You seldom put decorations in this area because it is not a place where everyone in the house stays longer compared to the living room. 

  • If you want to add an extra visual aesthetic without overdoing it, transitional rug styles have prominence on classic and minimalist modern designs. It helps your dining time feel like you are in a fancy restaurant stepping on a luxurious carpet.


A bedroom is where you heal your body from everyday stress and tiredness. You want it to be the place that lets you savor the comfort and harmony. For your favorite room, transitional rug style does not just give comfort to your feet, but it also creates the coolest room atmosphere. 

  • Transitional rug works well in your bedroom because its classic style gives a relaxing vintage vibe while the contemporary rug patterns keep your style on-trend.

  • The transitional style is a perfect blend of classic and modern innovations. Simple patterns with bold colors can easily blend with any floor type and wall paint.

  • It makes the room a cozy and comfortable place to rest every day. For your bedroom, floral or circular shades on rugs may not suit best compared when placed in the living room. 

  • We recommend you use rugs with plain colors like tan rugs, beige rugs, white rugs, to mention a few. Its minimalistic design gives you peaceful sight. Choose rugs that are made of wool, leather, or polyester. It makes the rug soft underfoot.

Key Takeaways

  • Transitional rugs are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary rug designs.

  • The designs are commonly simple patterns, floral shades, circles, and curves, and often appear to have a minimalistic look. 

  • It doesn’t go out of style because its simplicity and vintage vibe can be relevant for many years.

  • Transitional rugs can elevate any home space into something fashionable and interesting.

  • It can fill in empty spaces and it protects your floor from scratches caused by your furniture. 

  • It is very soft underfoot and its simple style can maintain a room’s neutral tone.