Time To Upgrade Your Area Rug with A Nourison Rug

Your home should reflect your creativity and sense of style. One part of pulling a room together is the perfect rug. At Payless Rugs, you’ll find the perfect style that reflects your tastes. One brand that we carry and recommend is Nourison. For 40 years, this company has produced stylish options that enhance areas of your home including outdoor living spaces.

Nourison Rug Styles

With rich colors and a variety of designs, there is a Nourison rug that is perfect to enhance the mood of a room. The line of rugs from Nourison ranges from contemporary geometric patterns and vivid colors to more traditional designs such as classic Persian styles.

Types of Nourison Rugs

Whether you are considering wool runs, runners, braided rugs, or hand-tufted rugs, you’ll find them in our store. In some cases, there is the option to purchase both the rug and a matching runner to provide for flow throughout the home.

Nourison Accent Rugs – The Perfect Touch for Your Home

Nourison accent rugs have a luxurious feel and are high quality. The best part is that they are also affordable and long-wearing. With many colors and styles, you’ll find the perfect Nourison accent rug to make your space truly your own.

Finding the Right Nourison Rug

The Nourison Prismatic Collection of dynamically styled rugs is where modern sophistication melds with the ultimate in luxury. Characterized by unique textures and bright colors, these rugs can bring a modern feel to any space. These rugs are created with blended wool that has silk-like threads to accent design motifs giving them a small shimmer.

Nourison 2000 Collection

The rugs in the Nourison 2000 Collection pay homage to the rich designs and colors of Persian rugs. These rugs are constructed from New Zealand wool and feature silk accents to accentuate the rug’s design. These are durable and beautiful rugs that will last for a lifetime. Within the collection are several shapes including runners, octagonal, oval, and round. It’s the perfect touch to give your space a little Old World feel.

Nourison Outdoor Rugs

While Nourison rugs can improve the comfort and style of your home, don’t forget about your outdoor entertaining spaces. At Payless Rugs, we offer a large selection of Nourison Outdoor Rugs to suit any taste or mood.  These outdoor rugs are durable and designed to withstand weather conditions. Outdoor dining or entertaining spaces will get a lift from the addition of a colorful outdoor rug.  The Nourison Outdoor Rug collection brings many options so that you can set the perfect tone.

Contact the Experts

When you are looking for luxurious, sophisticated rugs for your indoor and outdoor spaces, visit us at Payless Rugs.  You’ll find the styles you love at a price that fits your budget.