The Best Rug Materials For High Traffic Areas

While it’s quite easy to become enamored with an authentic handmade Oriental rug, leaving such a treasure at the entrance near the front door would be a recipe for ruin, and in short order at that. In the world of area rugs, when the going gets tough, the materials need to get tougher. 

Over time, innovations in productivity and variety have afforded consumers in search of a durable area rug that can stand up to the daily rigors of a growing family a variety of options to choose from. Here is a look at three materials that will take a beating and come back for more. 

Wool Fabrics 

Soft, yet resilient, wool rugs are a great choice for those seeking durability and comfort. Expect to spend a bit more for a wool rug, but the investment will pay off, as these rugs often “age gracefully” when compared with those made from other materials. 

Nylon Fabrics 

High-traffic areas tend to have more accidents, just like on the highways. And although a glass of grape juice would possibly signal the end of lesser materials, on the surface of a nylon rug, it’s simply a couple of paper towel swipes away from being totally forgotten. That indestructibility, paired with the availability of vivid and bright colors akin to those found on a silk rug, causes many people to choose Nylon as their high-traffic rug material of choice. 

Polypropylene Fabrics 

If your high-traffic area happens to be outside, like on a deck or near a pool, polypropylene may be the top choice for you. Bright, durable, and most importantly, mildew and mold-proof, the added bonus of a reasonable price tag puts these modern rugs high on the list of those looking to cover some ground outside of their house. 

Of course, these are only a few of the materials modern rugs are made from. Yet, their durability and affordability place them high on the list of best-suited candidates for high-traffic areas. Want to see more examples? Check out our top sellers with Loloi Rugs & Surya Rugs.  Regardless of your rug needs, has you covered. Take a look….