Selecting the Right Rug for Busy Households

Living in a busy household often feels like life is one big adventure. Yet, there is also something wonderful about being able to step into your house and feel like you’ve come to a personal oasis. Rugs add a touch of softness to your home’s decor while also serving the purpose of catching dust and dirt before it gets tracked throughout the rest of your space. They also help to eliminate excess noise and echoing caused by hardwood floors or tiles. While you may love rugs, the last thing you need is to worry about constantly cleaning them. Selecting the right rug for your home begins with looking for these features.

Make Cleaning a Breeze With Washable Rugs

Many people avoid rugs because they detest taking them to professional cleaners. Yet, you don’t have to let this issue cause you to live with bare floors. Washable area rugs can simply be tossed into your washing machine to remove ground-in dirt and minor stains. Washing your rug on the gentle cycle and laying it out to air dry makes it possible to keep it looking its best. With stain-resistant materials and built in non-slip backing, washable rugs are great for families with children and pets!

Look for Low Pile Rug Options

There’s a time and place for thick, shaggy rugs that add that extra bit of softness that works wonderfully in low-traffic areas such as a nursery or master bedroom. However, the last thing you might need is to have thick tufts of material that captures every crumb that someone drops in the dining room or entry hall. Surya area rugs come in varying pile heights, and you can even see them listed in the details of the options that we have available. Low-pile rugs also come with the additional benefit of being easier to vacuum. If your family spills some crumbs, you’ll be able to remove them within seconds.

Choose From Color Options That Show Less Dirt

When you start your search, take a moment to consider which colors will help you to hide dirt during times when you can’t always clean a rug right away. Neutral shades tend to work the best but stay away from solid black, which can sometimes show specks of white lint and dust. If you want a dark rug, then look for grays and browns that work wonderfully for disguising bits of dirt. Patterned rugs are especially good at making it easier for dirt to blend in. Many of the best rugs blend brighter shades with neutral tones that always look clean. For instance, blending shades of blue with tan in a pattern creates an esthetically-pleasing pattern that tricks the eye into only noticing the beautiful hues.

Find the Right Rug Fast By Shopping Online

Our online rug superstore offers over 75,000 different rugs and additional floor accessories, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for with just a few quick clicks. When you don’t have time to spend on searching for the perfect rug, you can visit our website to find one that will stand up to your home’s heavy foot traffic while also adding to the decor.