Rug Colors To Add To Your Home This Summer

This year, popular Summer rug colors are eco-friendly colors of blue and green, bolder colors of orange and red, tones of brown, and cocoa black. Area rugs for summer can be used outdoors on the deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, and dining areas.  Inside, these rugs can be used in family rooms, finished basements, kitchens, sunrooms, and bedrooms. Adding these colors will liven up any room or outdoor living space in your home. Learn more about the right area rugs for your home to brighten up the Summer months.  

Blue And Green Eco-Friendly Colors   

This year’s fresh colors like blue and green that remind customers of the outdoors are popular. These colors will remind you of the grass, gardens, blue sky, ocean, and being outdoors. 

The Amalie Collection by Kaleen is a collection of indoor-outdoor area rugs with nautical designs in varying shades of blue and green. The patterned designs have seashells, turtles, anchors, sailboats, foliage, and tropical scenes. Add these rugs to your outdoor kitchen and dining area, patio, or deck. The color will brighten and add ambiance to any outdoor space. Inside, these patterned and solid-colored rugs can be used in children's rooms, kitchens, living rooms, or dining rooms.  

They are well made and hold up in high traffic, making them ideal for updating indoor or outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for solid blue area rugs there are several color choices for you to choose from. Blue has always been a popular color with customers.  

Orange and Red to Brighten Spaces 

Bold colors in area rugs like orange and red can brighten a room with neutral colors. Wall colors,  rooms, furniture, and outdoor spaces that use white, black, gray, metal, and varying shades of brown need a splash of color to liven up the space. 

The Aloha Collection By Nourison has a variety of area rugs in bold colors of orange, red, and shades of blue in patterns and floral designs.  Red and orange patterned rugs can be used to enhance your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen near the grill or stove, dining area, or entrances. This collection has geometric, floral patterns, and scrolling designs with intricate patterns in varying shades of blue for hallways, living rooms, and dining areas. These rugs wear well and are easy to clean.  

Brown For High Traffic Areas 

Darker brown area rugs hold up well in heavy traffic and often hide the dirt well from shoes and sneakers. The Karvia Collection by Sphinx makes brown area rugs for indoor and outdoor high-traffic areas in solid, zigzag, and lined patterns.  

These rugs made of polypropylene will look attractive near your home entrance, doors, entrances to decks, patios, kitchen appliances, and high-traffic areas. They will be handy in the kitchen, laundry, family room, and finished basement. Their color matches any decor and holds up for a long time.  

Cocoa Black A Popular New Color  

The Couristan Recife rugs have a large collection of indoor and outdoor rugs that use cocoa black a color that combines darker shades of black and brown. These area rugs have solid colors, checked patterns, garden lattice design, antique, spiral, and floral patterns.  

Black and brown area rugs add a neutral color to pastel or bold colors in the kitchen, living room, family room, or other rooms indoors. They are designed for the outdoors too; pet-friendly, mildew resistant, durable, and lightweight.  Decorate your deck or patio with bright colors and add these rugs to add a neutral tone.  

Let the Experts Help 

Still unsure what color or rug works best for your home? The experts at Payless Rugs can help you explore and choose the right rug colors that will brighten your home. 

Contact us. We have online shopping, and our customer service reps will help you find the best area rug for your indoor or outdoor space.