Rug Care 101: How To Properly Get Stains Out Without Ruining The Rug

As a homeowner, part of your responsibility will be to maintain a clean floor. While food spillings and stainings happen all the time, it'll be up to you to clean up these messes quickly. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with permanent stains on your rug.  

Properly Getting the Stains Out: 

Before purchasing any cleaning product or following any suggestions, it is always best practice to read the manufacturer's care instructions. It is normally located on the backside of the rug. You can also consult a professional before cleaning and/or addressing stains on your new rug. However, below are some general suggestions on ways to handle a stained rug: 

1. Purchase A Washable Area Rug 

Before buying an area rug for your home, make sure to select the right kind. While you won't be able to find a completely stain-proof rug, you can find washable area rugs that go through a washing machine. This acts as a preventative measure to avoid heavy staining.  

2. Gather The Right Carpet Cleaning Supplies 

Every efficient cleaning job needs the right supplies. For a rug or a carpet, you'll likely need a bucket of warm water and a carpet-friendly detergent. Some people will use baking soda or vinegar for their cleaning solution. Avoid using heavy substances like bleach, which can permanently discolor your rug. You can look for cleaning products that specialize in maintaining the rug's fiber quality. 

As far as tools go, you'll likely need to gather paper towels, rags, scrubs, or towels. If it's a heavy stain, try to get a metal scrubber for a stricter consistency. Some cleaning jobs require a steam cleaner or a vacuum.  

3. Begin Cleaning Preparation 

During the preparation stage, you'll need to decide how to clean the rug. For some rugs, you can just wrap up the entire thing and wash it in the washing machine. Other cleanings will require a scrub down or a steam cleaning.  

If the mess is recent, remove any debris from around the stain. If the stain is already dried out, you could use a vacuum to begin loosening up the dirt inside the rug's fabric. Set up a warm bucket of water for a scrub down, or add water and soap to the steam cleaner. 

4. Thoroughly Clean The Rug 

Apply warm water to the stained area, and let it soak for at least 10 minutes. This soaking process will make it easier to lift any stained particles stuck in the rug. Add detergent or vinegar if necessary. Then, when the time is right, begin scrubbing the area thoroughly. You could use a towel, a rag, or a scrub for this. Occasionally, dip your cleaning tool in the warm water for consistency. However, do not use this method on viscose rugs. Rugs made out of this material will turn yellow with too much water applied.  

If you're using the steam cleaner, begin rocking the cleaner up and down the rug. While scrubbing, avoid damaging the rug. When you're finished, rinse out any soapy solutions with water. 

5. Clean Up  Clean up the area and set up a fan to dry the rug. If the rug is permanently ruined, consider replacing it with a new one.  

Replace with a Quality Rug 

Whether the stain did not come out and/or your rug doesn’t have the same feel in the space as it used to, seeking a reputable store can help. Payless Rugs is a specialty store that offers quality rugs at a fair price. Here, you'll find washable area rugs built with hard-to-stain materials to beautifully crafted rugs you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today.