Make A Statement With A Jaipur Rug

Even the best-designed interiors need an update now and then! And an aged or outdated rug can downgrade an otherwise charming space. Likewise, the right rug can tie an entire room together. The shape, materials, colors, sizes, and details you choose can all add interest to your interior design. Time for a change in your home? Be inspired by a few ideas about how to make a statement with one of the Jaipur rug collections. 

Try a Uniquely-Shaped Rug 

You can’t go wrong with a classic rectangular rug, but a unique shape is a really fun way to liven things up. A circular-shaped rug adds some flavor and a lot of class. Check out the Cercles Collection for some beautiful, bohemian looks. 

Opt for Rugs Made of Interesting Materials 

Consider changing up your interior with some different material choices, as well. Speaking of the Cercles collection, natural materials like Jute are huge in interior design right now. Take a look at the Naturals Monaco Poncy Rug. It’s hand-crafted from India and 100% Jute. This piece would lend a charming nautical or coastal look to your home. 

Look for Bold Colors 

It’s hard to think about making a statement without talking about bold colors! The Jaipur living rugs are known for an assortment of colors. You’ll love the rich, red tone of the gorgeous Living Salinas Donte Area Rug. Be sure to also check out the rest of the Salinas Collection, which has several styles of hand-knotted rugs featuring vibrant shades and multicolored details. 

Don’t Forget Your Home’s Transitional Spaces  

An often-overlooked statement piece for the home is a great runner for your hallway. The Jaipur Cirque Rug comes in many shapes and sizes, including an 8-foot or a 12-foot runner. Runners aren’t just beautiful, they’re also extremely functional for high-traffic areas like hallways.  

Go for Rugs with Unique Details 

A rug is a great piece to showcase your individual style. The Adair Collection features rugs with adorable fringe. We also love the fun fish pattern on the Coastal Living Schooled Rug. The Iconic Collection is definitely going to get you compliments. Don’t be afraid to choose a rug that’s daring and completely you! 

Contact an Expert for More Ideas 

Your home is a sacred space; the way you decorate it will affect how you feel living there. You deserve to take your time and ensure you choose the right style elements for your living space.  If you need some expert guidance, you won’t find another company like Payless Rugs. Our passion to find the perfect rugs for our customers is our specialty. Let us help you find your next statement rug today.