Handcrafted Loloi Rugs

Hand Crafted Loloi Rugs are more than just a standard rug. In fact, there is a tremendous amount of planning that goes into creating our Handmade collections. It’s  the quality in sourcing only the finest wool. It’s the painstaking time and craftsmanship that goes into each masterpiece formed knot by knot, tuft by tuft by our skilled artisan weavers. It’s a hearkening back to a simpler time where quality meant more than convenience. 

Loloi has dedicated a lot of time to finding the right design team. The first step in making a Loloi Rug is carefully planning out the designs. There are different designers for different Loloi collections. One of the designers is here in the United States. She paints the rug design, and it’s then sent to the makers of Loloi.

The rug design is handed to our rug makers, so they can follow the pattern. Though they have been doing this kind of work for centuries, it’s still intricate work. 

The magic of making the handmade Loloi Rug happens in North India. 

We won’t see a factory, and we don’t see modern machines. Instead, we see spinners and looms, natural light, and people who are passionate about making rugs. Rug weaving in India has been passed down from generation to generation, so there is a lot of experience in making these rugs.

The first material that needs to be handled is the raw fibers. They must be carded. Carding fiber means to disentangle, clean, and intermix the fibers. This process is also done by hand. The fibers are fed into what is called a drive wheel. This is a machine made out of wood and nails and is usually controlled by a hand crank. The fiber comes out together as one intermingled ‘web’. The fibers used will vary, depending on the rug that is being made.

After the fibers are carded, they must be spun. This process takes the messy ‘fluffed’ fibers and spins it into a yarn type substance. This is also done by a wooden machine controlled by a foot pedal. The fibers are slowly fed into the spin wheel, as it spins the fibers tightly together.

The next step is to dye the fiber. The fiber soaks into the dye until the fiber is vibrant and strong with color.  

Now, it’s the weavers’ time to shine. With the use of the loom, the spun fiber is carefully weaved in and out, matching the colors to the design. After months of weaving, the rug is now ready for the next step.

The rug is then washed, on both sides. It’s then stitched onto a metal frame and then laid out in the sun to dry. 

The last step is to shear the top of the rug to make sure the fibers are at the same length. This is also done by hand with a pair of scissors. Now, the Loloi Rug is finished. 

These handmade Loloi Rug are beautifully made from the magic of spinners and weavers. It’s more than a craft; it’s an art. And just like any other piece of beautiful art, the handcrafted Loloi Rug can be the finishing piece of art that your home needs.