Your Guide to Animal Print Rugs

Animal print rugs are insanely unique. It exists in nature and its unique patterns make the rug sophisticated with  a splash of intrinsic wild flare. Inspired by Mother Nature herself, Animal Prints easily flow with a multitude of decor tates and motifs.   It's no surprise that interior designers and homeowners alike favor and reliably incorporate  animal print area rugs into their home renovation projects

To give you a more comprehensive understanding of animal print rugs: what materials are used, why choose this rug, and how it’s made, below is everything you need to know before buying one. 

What is an animal print rug?

Quick history check! In the past, animal printed rugs were used to signify wealth and luxury. People in the upper class adorned animal prints both in their clothing and in their furniture. Some of the most popular prints were zebra, cheetah, leopard, and tiger and as the old saying goes, if it aint broke don’t fix it.

Animal prints improve the aesthetic value of your home, as it complements almost all home designs and furniture types.  Solid or pattern-less rugs highlight subtlety and  convey a clean vibe in your home.Persian inspired traditional rugs, while ever popular only tend to match up well with decor that equally falls into the “classic” style.  Animal print rugs on the other hand tend to be the utility player of the area rug world. Somehow these patterns never overshadow their decor counterparts and marry well in a myriad of settings. We have seen Animal prints utilized in Urban Chic studio apartments,  cozy slopeside chatues , farmhouse modern, and everything in between. 

What are animal print rugs made of?

When it comes to choosing the right Animal Print for your home, quality matters and quality in the world of area rugs means “material.” 

Here are the most common fibers used in making an animal print rug:
  • Wool - It’s a quality rug fiber that can withstand both wet and dry areas. Its durability does not compromise comfort. Wool rugs feel soft to the sole. 
  • Synthetic - The use of nylon, leatherette, and polyester makes it hard-wearing and resistant to wear and tear. Polypropylene is also one synthetic component that makes the rug strong  and durable.
  • Weather Resistant Components- These synthetic materials make the rug strong in places where wet and dry accidents happen every day. It doesn’t attract dirt and resists stains, so it is a low-maintenance rug.
  • Leather- It’s made with naturally processed animal skin and is known for its durability. With proper care and maintenance, this type of material could last for years.

How are animal print rugs made?

  • Handmade - Looking into the details of any animal print rug, you might question how a person can make one? The average weaver can finish a rug within two to three weeks. However, it still depends on the size of rug. Larger sizes can take up to a month to complete an entire rug. It’s carefully woven, and the wool is  intricately interlaced to  Perfectly mimic the animals natural beauty 
  • Machine-made - It’s said that people started to weave about 4,000 years ago, during the Mesopotamia period. As years went by, rugs became more than just a sleeping mat, but as design ornaments at home as well. With the advancement of technology in later generations, rug-making machines are on the rise, making modernized and contemporary patterns through computer programs.
  • Tufted - This type of rug construction uses a weaving loom or a machine to insert tufts at the back lining of the rug. It usually uses dyed or plain yarn that is locked together to create textures and patterns. The tufting process starts with a continuous loop and then sheared after to achieve the desired texture. If you like a cheaper type of rug but can accentuate any furniture at home, tufted rugs are best for you. This type of rug can stand for long years with utmost care.

Why choose an animal print rug?

If you want to transform your home's interior design, an animal print rug may be the perfect choice . Their animal inspired patterns work well with mostly all of today’s fashion forward home design trends.  Animal print rugs are ideal in your living room, bedroom, or the kitchen. It suits best in areas where you need to add some luxury and glam. Grab the chance to  walk on your wild side with these exquisite animal rugs.  

cheetah print rug

Here are some of the classic animal prints:
  • Zebra Print - The stripe patterns this rug creates is a subtle yet chic accent to the area. Its symmetrical black and white patterns work well in areas with a monochromatic color scheme, which is a perfect fit to achieve your minimalistic aesthetic goals. With its classic colors fused with antique furniture, it is undoubtedly a whole piece of art.
  • Cheetah Spots -  Live with your wild side at home with a cheetah spotted rug. The earthy tones of cheetah spots give an exotic African feel to your home. It works well with home decors that are nature-inspired. It's a perfect choice to bring out the liveliness of your living room. Paired with upholstered lounge sofas, this pattern will definitely make your style roar!
  • Leopard Print- The natural tan shade helps to hide the exposure of dust and dirt. You also don't have to be reluctant in using leopard prints since it works well with rustic living rooms. It's just a matter of layering and adding textures. Leopard print shouts eleganza extravaganza; the best way to express your chic personality.
  • Tiger Stripes - We all have our wild side, and we want it unleashed at home. You can make a statement with bold tiger stripes. The pattern adds a touch of glamour and warmth to a place. The black and orange stripes also enliven your dull and plain home decors. Layered with complementary sofas upholstered with blue fabric, make the stripes work successfully.

Important Points

Animal print rugs are made with synthetic and natural materials; durable in all living spaces at home. It’s hard to go wrong with an animal print rug .The spots and stripes complement well with any plain fixture and home decor.  Its neutral earthy colors are suitable for any design, wall paint, and furniture. Zebra, tiger, leopard, and cheetah prints are the most popular patterns used and recommended by home interior designers. Live with, lay with and walk with your wild side by using animal printed rugs to help define your home decor.