If you're redecorating or looking to bring some life to your home's decor, a new rug will bring any room together in a functional but stylish way. But finding the right rug can seem a little daunting. You want to be sure that the rug you purchase compliments your decor, is functional for your space, and is practical in terms of maintenance.

Two of the most popular rug brands on the market currently are Jaipur and Loloi. Below, we’ll highlight some key details of each brand so you can make a more informed investment in your new area rug!

Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs

Known as the original rug makers, Jaipur rugs originated in the late 1970’s and is headquartered in India. Its artisans produce rugs that are shipped and distributed to over 60 countries worldwide, with a major branch located right here in the United States.

Humanitarian Innovators

As innovators in the rug industry and with a commitment to humanitarian values, Jaipur works directly with artisans helping them earn a sustainable livelihood. An added benefit to hands-on artisanship is traceability. Through the Postcard Project, the company is able to connect you to the artisan who wove your specific rug. Additionally, Jaipur established the Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF) in 2004, creating over 50,000 jobs for the people of rural India. JRF offers healthcare, education, financial inclusion, and skill development programs to underserved communities.

Tradition Meets Modern

Jaipur’s hand-knotted rugs can take between 3 and 12 months to make, each one as unique as the people who make them—and the people they are making them for. Modernizing traditional Persian techniques, the rugs in all of Jaipur’s collections are simultaneously unique and timeless. One technique in particular sets Jaipur’s rugs apart from the rest – Gultarash. This technique translates directly to mean “finding the flower.” The purpose of it is to highlight patterns and details within the rug’s design, and to create added texture.

Shop some of our favorite Jaipur area rug collections:

Jaipur Boheme Collection

Boheme: The Boheme Collection offers a more vintage aesthetic. A distressed or faded effect is built into the design of these rugs, making them the perfect finishing touch to your living space. Most rugs in this collection are zero-pile.

Jaipur Genesis

Genesis: Swirling with colors and flowing shapes, the rugs in the Genesis Collection add a visual interest to any space. Whimsical pastels and more earthy golds, browns, and blues compliment contemporary style decor.

Jaipur Dash

Dash: The rugs in the Dash Collection have eye-catching patterns. More modern takes on classic designs like stripes and florals make this collection stand out from the rest.

You can find these and many more Jaipur rugs online in our inventory!

Loloi Rugs

Loloi Rugs

In 2004, owner and head designer, Amir Loloi, established Loloi rugs out of a passion for the artful craftsmanship of traditional Indian artisans.

Authentic Works Of Art

The foundation of the Loloi Rug business rests in upholding the Indian countryside tradition. Amir Loloi is committed to honoring the craftsmanship of each artisan in every rug produced and sold. With the understanding that each rug is a passionate work of art, he travels to the Indian countryside for authentic experiences and design conversations with the artisans in their factories. Loloi is a proud partner of GoodWeave, a non-profit organization that verifies that each factory is safe and each rug is produced ethically. Finished rugs journey from rural India to the many Loloi showrooms across America, where eager shoppers admire their craftsmanship and rustic detailing.

Thoughtful Home Design

Loloi’s hand-woven rugs do more than just add visual interest to any room in your home. They contribute to an overall atmosphere of intentional layering, leaving your home feeling warm and welcoming. From deliberately chosen fabric dyes to one-of-a-kind patterns, Loloi rugs are timeless staples for anybody who values true comfort, traditional values, and thoughtful home design. Here are some of our favorite Loloi collections:

Loloi Anastasia

Anastasia: Upholding Loloi’s dedication to traditional artisanship, the Anastasia Collection fuses thoughtful color palettes with intentional distressing. These rugs have a soft but durable pile for comfort and easy maintenance.

Loloi Margot

Margot: Made of 100% polyester, Margot rugs are plush and soft. Their traditional designs bring together any home space with neutral browns and blues.

Loloi Bonney

Bonney: The Bonney Collection offers timeless and classic designs with carefully chosen colors and textures. With 100% polyester pile, these rugs come in a range of sizes to bring intentional beauty to any living space.

Visit our website to shop Loloi area rugs from these or other collections!

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Finding the right rug for your space is no easy task. From ensuring your rug adds warmth and texture to your space to honoring traditional craftsmanship, it can be a challenge to choose the best rug for you. The experts at Payless Rugs can help you find exactly what you're looking for, within your budget, and you can walk away knowing that you've made a great purchase.

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