Find A Design That Meets Your Lifestyle With The Arden Collection by Loloi

When it comes to improving your lifestyle and the design of your home, having the right area rug can make all the difference. One of the leading brands that offer a variety of design options is the Arden Collection by Loloi and they have many options to choose from.

Warm And Earthy Tones

Several of the Loloi area rugs offer a variety of warm and earthy tones that many homes embrace. These tones help add warmth to spaces that need a centerpiece to bring the room altogether. The Natural Pebble and Sand Multi Rug are the two most common rugs for this theme.

Contemporary Colors

If you are looking for a more modern look, many of the other Arden collection rugs are designed to bring together bold color patterns. These modern rugs take on the textures and appearances of the environment, like the Granite Ocean rug and the Lagoon Sage rug, to add a bold focal point to your contemporary design. Other rugs like the Silver Grey rug and the Grey Ivory rug are more subtle options that blend seamlessly into a space..

Built To Last

No matter which of the Loloi area rugs you are considering for your home, keep in mind that the material used in these rugs is meant to last. A balanced blend of polypropylene and polyester, the rugs have been preshrunk so that they have the desired rippling texture.

If you are planning to clean these rugs, they should be taken to a professional cleaner, small spills at home can be taken care of with a white cloth immediately to avoid stains. It is important to keep these rugs vacuumed regularly to prevent build up and discoloration. 

Embrace A Design That Is Right For You

No matter what type of design or theme you are creating in your home, Loloi area rugs make a great addition to any room. These modern rugs and their textured appearances are trending as the new staple. For more shipping information, ordering, or choosing your rug in your preferred size, contact our team today to get started.

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