The Psychology Of Color: Using Area Rugs To Set The Mood In Your Space

Color and color combinations can affect our mood, our thoughts, and how we feel. The science, summed up, is that colors are wavelengths of light and different colors stimulate our brain in different ways. Color is also a nonverbal way to communicate our personality and individual sense of style. The way we decorate our homes is an extension of who we are and how we want the world to feel in our space. Colors are separated into two categories. Warm colors like red and orange inspire energetic emotions like love. Cool colors like blue and green are more calming and soothing. Area rugs are many times overlooked as a foundational decor element. This is the first step in deciding how a room should make someone feel and what area rug will complement the atmosphere you are seeking to create. Take a look at how different colors make a very big difference in our emotions.

Red Is Energetic and Lively

If you are looking to create an energetic, lively mood, select a rug that is red or different shades of red. Too much of this vibrant color can lead to stressful feelings. Instead of selecting an all-red area rug, consider a color combination with greens and browns, for example, to balance out the energy level.

Green Promotes Well-Being

Green is great for promoting nature, balance, and well-being. Green also creates feelings of harmony and calmness. Consider shades of green for a bedroom or bathroom. Dark green is a surprising neutral that will complement nicely with other accents in the room.

Blue Creates Relaxation

Shades of blue create relaxation and rejuvenation. It will also promote concentration, so it's an ideal color choice for a home office or family room. A rug that features multiple shades of blue will add a mood-boosting quality.

Yellow Is Cheerful

Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that creates a welcoming atmosphere. It is also a color that generates creativity. A foyer by the front entrance is a perfect spot for a yellow area rug, especially one that is blended with gray or brown.

Purple Promotes Creativity

Purple symbolizes royalty, drama, sophistication, and elegance. Purple rugs also inspire creativity and imagination. Select a beautiful dark purple area rug for a formal dining room or master bedroom.

Brown Provides Security

Brown is a neutral, earthy color that creates feelings of safety, dependability, and security. Shades of brown area rugs are perfect for a bedroom, living room, or dining room.

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