The use of any vacuum with an agitation ( beater ) bar is not suggested on any area rug. The best vacuum is a canister style without a beater bar. If you currently have an upright and prefer not trading it in, we highly suggest using the hand held attachments for use on your rug. Overly aggressive vacuuming especially on wool rugs can exacerbate any inherent shedding.

Try to not vacuum over the edges of your rug. This can damage the yarn on the ends that keep the rug together.

Spills on area rugs can be difficult to treat. It's important to get to the spill as soon as possible. Allowing the spill to soak into the fibers and backing of the rug will make extraction more painstaking. You want to blot the spill with a cotton towel or paper towel. Do not rub the spill, doing so will push the stain further into the pile of the rug. One important side note on this method. Should your rug be viscose or tencel do not use any liquids to clean the rug...only a dry cloth when blotting.

Sometimes it's better to leave things to the pro's especially when your dealing with handmade area rugs. Handknotted, tufted and looped pile wool rugs can be particularly touchy when it comes to a cleaning process and these professionals should have extensive experience in cleaning area rugs which in the long run will be a better choice for the life of your rug.

Some things to note when dealing with a professional cleaning service:

Thoroughly review the issue with them and get a comprehensive workup report prior to the job starting. This will ensure you know exactly what the end result should look like and if this result is not achieved you have recourse with the service provider.

Ask questions! A professional cleaning company will not mind you asking questions and should be able to answer those questions easily.

These are of course guidelines and not every situation will be covered by these suggestions. When in doubt its always better to ask before proceeding.