Rug Care 101

You can care for your natural, synthetic, or hybrid rug with a few simple tips from the experts at Payless Rugs. From frequent vacuuming to learning how to remove mats from your shag rug, these tips keep your rugs looking their best. 

Vacuum Frequently 

Do you have a cut-pile carpet? Select any standard upright vacuum that has a beater bar to keep it free of dirt and debris. For deep pile carpets, keep your vacuum on suction-only to prevent fuzzy tufts. Prevent dingy, matted fibers with a regular vacuuming routine. If you have fringes around area rugs, dust them and clean them by hand to prevent damage. 

Clean Spills with Care 

It doesn’t matter how much you tiptoe around with your food and drinks, spills are bound to happen. If you clean spills quickly and effectively, you can avoid the matting and staining that often forms in a spill area. 

Start by blotting up most of the liquid with paper towels or an absorbent cloth. Pick up solid materials with your hands or a knife or spoon, as appropriate. After removing as much spilled material as possible, apply a spot removal agent. Additionally, you should apply the cleaner to the cloth rather than directly to the rug.  

You don't want to over-wet your rug, so apply small doses at a time. Start from the edge of the spill and work inward to avoid additional staining. Then, blot the rug dry with a soft towel or cloth. Finally, place a heavy object on top of the towel for a few hours to draw out excess moisture. 

Professional Rug Cleaning 

If you can't remove the stain yourself without damaging the rug, it might be time to call in the professionals. Professional rug cleaners can restore the colors and softness of your carpet and remove stains caused by pets, food, or drinks. 

Can I Wash a Wool Rug? 

Wool rugs can be unforgiving if you get them wet. That's why it's best to avoid washing 100% wool rugs. Wool is very absorbent, so you should avoid getting it wet. To remove spills, opt for an absorbent microfiber cloth and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. 

Can I Treat a Matted Shag Rug? 

Deep shag rugs feel great underfoot, but they can also become tangled. To treat matted areas, use a carpet rake to lift the fibers. A carpet brush can help you repair matting and refresh your carpet. Additionally, you can use a steam cleaner to add moisture and brush the fiber to renew high-traffic areas. 

Buy Easy-To-Care-For Rugs At Payless Rugs 

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