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Jaipur Rug Care and Maintenance Tips

Provided proper care and maintenance is employed, Jaipur area rugs can offer many years of beauty and enjoyment. If they are not properly cleaned and protected, their natural sheen gradually degrades, and their beauty can begin to fade. Their durability cannot be prolonged unless certain required steps are followed towards their maintenance. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Protecting & Preserving Your Area Rug:

Jaipur Rug Care & Maintenance

A rug of exceptional quality is an investment. You can protect that investment with a comprehensive care program: 

1. Carpet Care: Preventative Maintenance 

2. Carpet Care: Vacuuming Carpet Care: Preventative Maintenance

Protect Your Investment Before Problems Occur. New flooring represents a substantial investment. These proper steps assure that your carpet will stay attractive for years to come.

Place walk-off mats at all entrances: walk-off mats should be used at the exterior of all entrances to absorb the soil and moisture. They can help trap the excess dirt, sand, grit, and other substances such as oil, asphalt, or driveway sealer that would otherwise be tracked into the home. Mats should also be cleaned on a regular basis so that they don't become sources of soil themselves.

Use a quality pad: you should always use a quality pad under your carpet. A good rug pad not only provides better resilience and comfort underfoot, it extends the life of your rug.

Occasionally move your heavy furniture: Move heavy furniture periodically in order to avoid excessive pile crushing. Use floor protectors designed for carpets under the legs of tables, chairs, and other furniture to help distribute the weight. Do not use chairs or appliances with rollers or casters without a chair pad designed specifically for carpet which otherwise can cause heavy damage. While moving heavy wheeled furniture (pianos, buffets, etc.), prevent damage by placing a protective barrier of heavy cardboard or plywood between the wheels and the carpet.

Reduce long-period exposure to direct sunlight: protect your carpet from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight with the help of blinds, shades, or awnings. 

Carpet Care: Vacuuming

Vacuum yours carpet thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high-traffic areas. Walking on soiled carpet allows the soil particles to work their way below the surface of the pile where they are far more difficult to remove and can damage the carpet fibers. Frequent vacuuming removes these particles from the surface itself before they get trapped underneath.

Several Essentials Should Be Observed Whenever Vacuuming Your Area Rug:

Check the quality of your vacuum: A good vacuum cleaner is vital for prolonged beauty and life of your carpet. An inexpensive machine can remove surface dirt but will not effectively remove the hidden dirt and particles embedded in the pile. Vacuum with the beater bar setting off to ensure the protection of pile, fibers, and integrity of the rug.

Blot stains immediately and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Professional area rug cleaning is recommended for stain removal or periodic cleaning care.

What Cleaning System Should You Use?

Choosing the proper cleaning system is important. Some systems may leave residues which accelerates re-soiling and defeats the whole purpose of cleaning. The recommendations below if followed properly will help prolong the time between cleaning.

Rely On The Professionals Or Do-It-Yourself?

It is to your advantage to rely on the experience of a professional carpet cleaner when your rug is in need of a full cleaning. Their equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals which helps the carpet dry more quickly. Good professionals also know the usage of the equipment better, know the proper cleaning agents for the situation at hand, and recognize the differences in fibers and carpet construction.