How To Mix and Match Area Rugs For A Unique and Stylish Design

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your home but aren’t sure how to mix and match area rugs correctly, it’s easier than you think. It’s tempting to go for solid colors or match the same patterns from room to room, but there are better ways to create a lovely atmosphere that allows your personality to shine through. Take a look at some easy tips for getting creative and confidently mixing area rugs throughout your home.

Select Identical Rugs

As mentioned above, it is common to place the same patterns in the same room. This works well with runners in the hallway, and a foyer, for example. It is also common to see identical Kaleen rugs throughout a kitchen especially when they are side by side or used to lead someone through the room.

Select Patterns Within The Same Color Family

Selecting patterns that are in the same color family is one of the easiest tips for mixing and matching different area rugs. This gives you decorating options with multiple patterns but creates a lovely, coordinated look. The key is to understand the color wheel and which colors blend well together. Whether you go for a neutral look with tan, brown, black, and white or a bolder colorful look with shades of green and blue, going with the same color family will help the patterned rugs create a cohesive look.

Select Multiple Area Rugs With Different Shapes

This decorating idea is fun, especially when you have a creative, artistic side. There are many ways to accomplish this. Pick an area rug with an identical color and pattern scheme. Then mix different sizes and shapes and place them in a variety of places throughout the room or the entire home. For example, place a large round rug in the foyer, a rectangle rug in the living room, a medium square by the front door, rectangular runners in the hallways, and smaller rectangle rugs in the kitchen. This will create interest, dimension, and cohesive flow.

Select One Solid And One Pattern

If you are not sure or don't feel like mixing different patterns or even colors works for you, select a solid color rug style and one pattern rug with the same solid color in the design. This is a great solution because the colors coordinate and the styles blend in while adding a sophisticated, well-balanced aesthetic. For example, a solid olive or charcoal area rug blends beautifully with a rug that has the same shades in the pattern. A Loloi charcoal and olive rug is the perfect example of how a patterned rug with multiple colors enhances a room using this idea.

Refresh Your Home Today

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