One of the best things about interior design is that you can combine styles, colors, and materials to create spaces that are as individual as you and express your unique style. An easy way to warm up a room, improve the acoustics, and transform it into a cozy space is by adding a beautiful area rug. They serve as a visual anchor or focal point for any room. Available in an array of casual to extremely formal, traditional to modern, and everything in between, area rugs provide an element you will love to love. There are no hard rules to finding the perfect choice. Take a look at a few tips to simplify your rug selection journey.

Choose Your Style

Your lifestyle and personal style should always be taken into consideration before a rug is selected. Do you have children that run in and out, play on the floor, or have constant spills that need cleaning? Do you own a pet or pets? If this is the case, a darker-colored or patterned rug is easier to keep clean than a light-colored or solid-cream one. If you don’t have a family, or you are looking for a rug for a room that doesn't get that much traffic consider a more formal oriental rug that is truly an investment piece for the room.

Choose the Rug Size

Next, measure the area where your rug will be placed. Do you want the rug to go under all the furniture in the room, or just underneath the dining room table for example? If you have a beautiful tile or hardwood floor you may select a smaller size to complement the floor. Here’s a helpful tip: Use a string or painter's tape to outline the area you want to cover. This will help you visualize the size of the rug that will work there.

Choose Your Interior Decor Style

Are you traditional, country, or more modern with a contemporary edge? Are you eclectic and like to mix and match your decor elements? Look through interior design books and magazines and highlight what you think is beautiful and inspires you. Getting to know what you like is a great way to find a rug that complements your style. Look around at the different rooms in your home and see if there is a common thread that suits your decor.

Choose Color and Pattern

Before you go rug shopping take a close look at the colors, patterns, and other accessories that are in the room. Consider the furniture, end tables, lighting fixtures, window treatments, pillows, and other things that make up your room. You’ll want to select a rug that complements and brings all of these elements together. If your furniture is solid or you just want to make a statement, select a rug with a pattern like our animal print rug. If it features a pattern opt for a solid rug. If you enjoy mixing and matching colors and patterns, it is wise to select a rug that is similar and has the same shades and hues.

Choose a Texture

Rugs are available in a variety of textures. Textures, like patterns and designs, add dimension to a room. They also create a mood. For example, a plush, soft texture creates a cozy ambiance while a braided rug adds a more modern ambiance. Whatever texture you prefer, consider the other furniture and accents in the room. You want them to complement the design, not compete with it.

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