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In accordance with the newly enacted Pennsylvania official mandate, our office and call center is currently closed due to the COVID-19 virus. We have taken steps to maintain remote operations during our normal business hours of Monday - Friday 10am-6pm est. During this time our staff will be available via Live Chat and email correspondences. Below is a list of the best email and or method of contact that will be your best course of action to get answers as soon as possible. We will do our very best during this unique time-frame in order to assist existing customers with their orders as well as helping shoppers with common questions they may have about our area rugs.

1. Questions About Products/Prices - Live Chat or Email [email protected]

2. Questions About An Existing Order - Email [email protected]

3. Customer Service Issues - Live Chat Or Email [email protected]om 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will My Order Still Be Processed? A. Yes, we have staff that are working remotely and can fully function in the same capacity as they would while in our office. Likewise, at this time our supply partners are processing and fulfilling as normal. 

Q. Will There Be Delays? A. All the information we have received from our many supplier partners has given us no reason at this time to expect abnormal delays in shipping.*

Q. Are my rugs safe? A. We have received numerous protocol overviews from our supply partners that detail the extra measures of safety involved in handling and inspecting all products. Additionally, we have not been made aware of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 with any of our suppliers within their warehouses, fulfillment, administrative or management areas.  

Q. I have a question about a product, how do I find answers? A. During the hours of 10am-6pm Mon-Fri we would suggest using Live Chat for quick answers from team members. In off hours, please email [email protected] for questions about rugs you may be interested in. 

Q. How can I check on an existing order?  Please email [email protected] for any questions on current orders. 

Q. I would like to initiate a return. Please email [email protected] with your request. 

If there is anything we can assist you with, please contact us. Our team is fully ready to handle your requests.
We sincerely hope and wish you and your families are staying healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.