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Custom Traditional Runners

A rug runner from Payless Rugs may be ordered with serging or end caps for a hallway. Rug runners may also be ordered without serging for use as stair runner.

Kathy Ireland First Lady Palace Retreat 20100 Palace Stone Custom RunnerSherwood CBD2/B004a Fern Green/Beige Custom RunnerSherwood CBD2/B003a Ginger/Beige Custom RunnerSherwood CBD2/B002a Beige/Ginger Custom Runner
Sherwood CBD2/B001a Beige/Ice Blue Custom RunnerEverest 3318/4873a Mahogany Custom RunnerEverest 3318/4882a Oriental Green Custom RunnerEverest 3318/4880a Ebony Custom Runner
Savoy Karachi 26131 Scarlet Custom RunnerSavoy Karachi 26133 Black Custom RunnerSavoy Karachi 26134 Marigold Custom RunnerSavoy Karachi 26135 Golden Meadow Custom Runner
Danbury CBD0-B001a Beige/Ice Blue Custom RunnerDanbury CBD0-B002a Beige/Ginger Custom RunnerDanbury CBD0-B002a Ginger/Beige Custom RunnerDanbury CBD0-B004a Fern Green/Beige Custom Runner
Rio RIO-04 Red Custom RunnerRio RIO-04 Ivory Custom RunnerRio RIO-04 Black Custom RunnerNoble 1305 Navy Custom Runner
Castello 1194 Ivory Custom RunnerCastello 953 Burgundy Custom RunnerNoble 1318 Burgundy Custom RunnerEarnest Sophie 803 Latte Custom Runner
Earnest Sophie 828 Boysenberry Custom RunnerEarnest Sophie 881 Crimson Custom RunnerEarnest Sophie 827 Shiraz Custom RunnerEarnest Sophie 862 Basil Custom Runner
Century Fantasia 56013 Black Custom RunnerCentury Fantasia 56014 Burgundy Custom RunnerCentury Fantasia 56012 Ivory Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Annette 26482 Wine Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Annette 26484 Black Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Annette 26481 Olive Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Annette 26483 Beige Custom RunnerCentury Varese 6786 Onyx Custom Runner
Century Varese 6730 Scarlet Custom RunnerCentury Varese 6728 Maple Custom RunnerCentury Varese 6775 Driftwood Custom RunnerHereke Isparta 23173 Caviar Custom Runner
Hereke Isparta 23171 Claret Custom RunnerHereke Isparta 23175 Fog Custom RunnerHereke Isparta 23178 Moss Custom RunnerHereke Isparta 23176 Flax Custom Runner
Hereke Isparta 23170 Bronze Custom RunnerLuminous Aries 25201 Onyx Custom RunnerLuminous Aries 25202 Pearl Custom RunnerLuminous Aries 25203 Garnet Custom Runner
Grand GRA-02 Navy Custom RunnerGrand GRA-02 Red/Navy Custom RunnerGrand GRA-01 Black Custom RunnerGrand GRA-01 Cream Custom Runner
Grand GRA-03 Slate Blue Custom RunnerGrand GRA-03 Ivory Custom RunnerSomerset ST02 Ivory Custom RunnerSomerset ST02 Khaki Custom Runner
Somerset ST02 Meadow Custom RunnerSomerset ST02 Peach Custom RunnerSomerset ST55 Blue Custom RunnerSomerset ST55 Green Custom Runner
Somerset ST55 Ivory Custom RunnerSomerset ST55 Khaki Custom RunnerGeorgian GEO-01 Gold Custom RunnerGeorgian GEO-01 Black Custom Runner
Georgian GEO-01 Red Custom RunnerRio RIO-02 Red Custom RunnerRio RIO-01 Red Custom RunnerStanton Chrystie Cityscape 84209 City Beige Custom Runner
Stanton Chrystie Cityscape 84208 Suede Custom RunnerStanton Chrystie Cityscape 84207 Hudson View Custom RunnerStanton Chrystie Cityscape 84201 Espresso Custom RunnerStanton Chrystie Cityscape 84202 Maritime Custom Runner
Stanton Chrystie Cityscape 84200 Garnet Custom RunnerComo 1592 Black Custom RunnerComo 1592 Brick Custom RunnerComo 1592 Ivory/Brick Custom Runner
Como 1592 Red Custom RunnerComo 1592 Chocolate Custom RunnerComo 1592 Beige Custom RunnerComo 1592 Sage Custom Runner
Como 1593 Beige Custom RunnerComo 1593 Black Custom RunnerComo 1593 Chocolate Custom RunnerComo 1593 Ivory Custom Runner
Como 1593 Red Custom RunnerComo 1593 Sage Custom RunnerComo 1599 Black Custom RunnerComo 1599 Chocolate Custom Runner
Como 1599 Ivory Custom RunnerComo 1599 Red Custom RunnerShalimar Promenade 16244 Bengal Custom RunnerShalimar Promenade 16246 Bombay Custom Runner
Shalimar Promenade 16241 Burma Custom RunnerShalimar Promenade 16245 Dehli Custom RunnerShalimar Promenade 16242 Kashmir Custom RunnerShalimar Promenade 16243 Madras Custom Runner
Somerset ST74 Azure Custom RunnerSomerset ST74 Beige Custom RunnerSomerset ST74 Chocolate Custom RunnerSomerset ST74 Spice Custom Runner
Estate Sagamore Copper Custom RunnerEstate Sagamore Crimson Custom RunnerEstate Sagamore Desert Custom RunnerEstate Sagamore Midnight Custom Runner
Heirloom HL-22 Thatch Custom RunnerShalimar Sanctuary Garden 14424 Bengal Custom RunnerShalimar Sanctuary Garden 14426 Bombay Custom RunnerShalimar Sanctuary Garden 14421 Burma Custom Runner
Shalimar Sanctuary Garden 14425 Dehli Custom RunnerShalimar Sanctuary Garden 14422 Kashmir Custom RunnerShalimar Sanctuary Garden 14423 Madras Custom RunnerShalimar Reflections 15274 Bengal Custom Runner
Shadows SHA07 Burgundy Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-01 Black Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-01 Brown Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-01 Beige Custom Runner
Brilliance BRI-01 Red Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-02 Black Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-03 Olive Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-03 Beige Black Custom Runner
Brilliance BRI-03 Beige Rust Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-03 Red Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-05 Black Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-05 Beige Black Custom Runner
Brilliance BRI-05 Beige Beige Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-05 Red Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-06 Black Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-06 Beige Custom Runner
Brilliance BRI-06 Red Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-07 Black Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-07 Brown Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-07 Beige Custom Runner
Brilliance BRI-07 Red Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-08 Black Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-08 Beige Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI-08 Red Custom Runner
Shadows SHA07 Black Custom RunnerShadows SHA07 Slate Custom RunnerShadows SHA07 Ivory Custom RunnerShadows SHA07 Olive Custom Runner
Shadows SHA08 Burgundy Custom RunnerShadows SHA08 Black Custom RunnerShadows SHA08 Olive Custom RunnerShadows SHA09 Burgundy Custom Runner
Shadows SHA09 Black Custom RunnerShadows SHA10 Multi Custom RunnerShadows SHA11 Ivory Custom RunnerShadows SHA11 Chocolate Custom Runner
Shadows SHA11 Gold Custom RunnerShadows SHA11 Burgundy Custom RunnerShalimar Reflections 15276 Bombay Custom RunnerShalimar Reflections 15271 Burma Custom Runner
Shalimar Reflections 15275 Dehli Custom RunnerShalimar Reflections 15272 Kashmir Custom RunnerShalimar Reflections 15273 Madras Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Alexander 21593 Beige Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Alexander 21594 Black Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Alexander 21596 Gold Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Alexander 21591 Olive Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Alexander 21592 Wine Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Alexander II 21590 Cameo Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Alexander II 21599 Cocoa Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Alexander II 21598 River Rock Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Alexander II 21597 Storm Blue Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Alexander II 21595 Winter Wheat Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Harry 21365 Expresso Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Harry 21363 Golden Harvest Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Harry 21366 Portobello Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Harry 21361 Red Stone Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Harry 21367 Spring Moss Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Harry II 21360 Cameo Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Harry II 21368 Charcoal Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Harry II 21364 Chestnut Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Harry II 21362 River Rock Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Anastasia 2660 Beige Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Anastasia 2630 Claret Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Anastasia 2620 Midnight Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Anastasia 2650 Olive Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Anastasia 2640 Tannery Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign George V 2230 Claret Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign George V 2220 Midnight Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign George V 2210 Sand Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Catherine 1430 Claret Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Catherine 1420 Midnight Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Catherine 1450 Olive Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Catherine 1440 Tannery Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Catherine 1460 Beige Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Marie 26293 Beige Custom Runner
Royal Sovereign Marie 26294 Black Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Marie 26291 Olive Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Marie 26295 Taupe Custom RunnerRoyal Sovereign Marie 26292 Wine Custom Runner
Imperial IP-30 Black Custom RunnerCrown CR01 Beige Custom RunnerCrown CR01 Grey Custom RunnerCrown CR02 Beige Custom Runner
Crown CR02 Red Custom RunnerCrown CR03 Light Multi Custom RunnerCrown CR03 Multi Custom RunnerCrown CR04 Multi Custom Runner
Manhattan MN01 Red Custom RunnerManhattan MN01 Navy Custom RunnerManhattan MN01 Black Custom RunnerManhattan MN01 Ivory Custom Runner
Imperial IP-531 Black Custom RunnerImperial IP-531 Ivory Custom RunnerImperial IP-531 Red Custom RunnerImperial IP-70 Champagne Custom Runner
Imperial IP-70 Moss Custom RunnerImperial IP-81 Burgundy Custom RunnerWorld WO01 Black Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO01 Gold Traditional Custom Runner
World WO01 Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO01 Olive Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO01 Wine Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO02 Black Traditional Custom Runner
World WO02 Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO02 Olive Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO02 Wine Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO04 Black Traditional Custom Runner
World WO04 Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO04 Olive Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO04 Wine Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO05 Black Traditional Custom Runner
World WO05 Gold Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO05 Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO05 Olive Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO05 Wine Traditional Custom Runner
World WO07 Black Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO07 Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO07 Olive Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO07 Wine Traditional Custom Runner
World WO08 Black Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO08 Wine Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO09 Black Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO09 Ivory Traditional Custom Runner
World WO09 Olive Traditional Custom RunnerWorld WO09 Wine Traditional Custom RunnerDivinity DI01 Antique Ivory European Custom RunnerDivinity DI01 Black European Custom Runner
Divinity DI01 Slate European Custom RunnerSovereign SV02 Black / Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerSovereign SV02 Ivory / Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerSovereign SV02 Wine Red / Ivory Traditional Custom Runner
Gem GEM01 Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerGem GEM01 Light Blue Traditional Custom RunnerGem GEM02 Gold Traditional Custom RunnerGem GEM02 Red Traditional Custom Runner
Gem GEM03 Brown / Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerGem GEM03 Ivory / Brown Traditional Custom RunnerGem GEM03 Light / Green Traditional Custom RunnerGem GEM03 Red Traditional Custom Runner
Barcelona BR01 Beige European Custom RunnerBarcelona BR01 Black European Custom RunnerBarcelona BR01 Burgundy European Custom RunnerBarcelona BR03 Black European Custom Runner
Barcelona BR03 Surf Blue European Custom RunnerBarcelona BR03 Cocoa European Custom RunnerBarcelona BR03 Sienna European Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD01 Brown Custom Runner
Persian Dream PD01 Burgundy Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD01 Light Green Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD02 Beige Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD02 Burgundy Custom Runner
Persian Dream PD02 Light Green Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD02 Midnight Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD02 Rust Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD02 Tan Custom Runner
Persian Dream PD03 Rust Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD04 Beige Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD04 Earth Tone Custom RunnerPersian Dream PD04 Multi Custom Runner
Persian Dream PD05 Midnight Custom RunnerKathy Ireland First Lady Stateroom 04100 Palace Stone Traditional Custom RunnerKathy Ireland First Lady Stateroom 04500 Old Republic Black Traditional Custom RunnerKathy Ireland First Lady Stateroom 04800 Ancient Red Traditional Custom Runner
Kathy Ireland First Lady Stateroom 04300 State Garden Green Traditional Custom RunnerRio RIO-01 Black Custom RunnerRio RIO-01 Camel Custom RunnerRio RIO-02 Antique Ivory Custom Runner
Rio RIO-02 Black Custom RunnerRio RIO-03 Black Custom RunnerRio RIO-03 Ivory Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Manchester 3229/0001a Beige Custom Runner
English Manor Manchester 3229/0002a Gold Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Manchester 3229/0003a Ivory/Green Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Manchester 3229/0004a Wine Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Manchester 3229/0005a Black Custom Runner
English Manor Newcastle 3348/0001a Beige Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Newcastle 3348/0002a Gold Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Newcastle 3348/0003a Green Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Newcastle 3348/0004a Wine Custom Runner
English Manor Windermere 3301/0001a Beige Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Windermere 3301/0002a Gold Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Windermere 3301/0003a Green Custom RunnerEnglish Manor Windermere 3301/0004a Wine Custom Runner
English Manor Windermere 3301/0005a Black Custom RunnerEverest Antique Baktiari 3721/4876a Midnight Custom RunnerEverest Isfahan 3791/4872a Crimson Custom RunnerEverest Isfahan 3791/6025a Black Custom Runner
Everest Tabriz 3773/4876a Midnight Custom RunnerEverest Tabriz 3773/4874a Harvest Gold Custom RunnerGem Antique Nain 8502/1907a Old World Coloration Custom RunnerGem Antique Nain 8502/2213a Black Custom Runner
Gem Khorasan 8594/2083a Antique Gold Custom RunnerGem Antique Nain 8502/3219a Black Chestnut Custom RunnerGem Shah Abbas 8562/3220a Navy Custom RunnerHimalaya 6259/1000a Ebony Antique Creme Custom Runner
Himalaya 6259/2000a Ebony Persian Red Custom RunnerGem Tree of Life 8572/1872a Bordeaux Custom RunnerKashimar Afghan 7870/1872a Nomad Red Custom RunnerKashimar Antique Nain 7886/1945a Burgundy Custom Runner
Kashimar Floral Herati 0600/3220a Black Teal Custom RunnerKashimar Imperial Baktiari 8143/3203a Antique Red Custom RunnerKashimar Tabriz 8275/2313a Moss Green Custom RunnerRoyal Kashimar Antique Nain 8199/2599 Black Custom Runner
Royal Kashimar Ushak 8198/2596a Black Deep Maple Custom RunnerRoyal Kashimar All Over Vase 8132/2606 Black Deep Maple Custom RunnerRoyal Kashimar All Over Vase 8132/2607 Hazelnut Custom RunnerRoyal Kashimar All Over Vase 8132/2608a Persian Red Custom Runner
Royal Kashimar Cypress Garden 0621/2597a Persian Red Custom RunnerEverest Gridiron 0871/4894a Crimson Custom RunnerCorridor Caroline 01 Linen 42 Custom RunnerCorridor Gaon 11 Red 25 Custom Runner
Corridor Garden 06 Blue 17 Custom RunnerCorridor Garden 06 Chocolate 40 Custom RunnerCorridor Garden 06 Ivory 01 Custom RunnerCorridor Garden 06 Red 25 Custom Runner
Corridor Madhu 12 Ivory 01 Custom RunnerCorridor Monticello 02 Red 25 Custom RunnerCorridor Patchwork 04 Ivory 01 Custom RunnerCorridor Shoga Fawn Custom Runner
Corridor Shubra 09 Black 02 Custom RunnerCorridor Splendor 07 Eggplant 13 Custom RunnerCorridor St. George 03 Chocolate 40 Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI02 Olive Custom Runner
Brilliance BRI02 Wine Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI02 Ivory Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI02 Navy Custom RunnerBrilliance BRI03 Navy Custom Runner
Brilliance BRI04 Multi Custom RunnerRoyal Emporer 4611.14 Ivory Custom RunnerRoyal Emporer 4611.21 Red Custom RunnerRoyal Emporer 4611.31 Green Custom Runner
Nourison 2000 2002 Burgundy Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2003 Olive Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2015 Navy Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2017 Black Traditional Custom Runner
Nourison 2000 2022 Lavender Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2022 Lacquer Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2023 Ivory Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2091 Mushroom Traditional Custom Runner
Nourison 2000 2071 Camel Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2101 Multi Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2114 Light Green Traditional Custom RunnerNourison 2000 2206 Brown Traditional Custom Runner
Patina 02 Cherry Traditional Custom RunnerPatina 03 Brown Traditional Custom RunnerPatina 04 Rust Traditional Custom RunnerPatina 07 Antique Ivory Traditional Custom Runner
Patina 08 Khaki Traditional Custom RunnerPatina 13 Aqua Traditional Custom RunnerPatina 09 Black Traditional Custom Runner

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