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Braided Blue-Toned Rugs

This is a collection of braided rugs containing color tones ranging from light blue to purple.

BI-50 Oasis Blue Botanical Isle Rug by Colonial MillsBC-52 Winter Blues Boston Common Rug by Colonial MillsBI-90 Amethyst Botanical Isle Rug by Colonial MillsBF-52 Colonial Blues Brook Farm Rug by Colonial Mills
CK-57 Baltic Blue Chestnut Knoll Rug by Colonial MillsCY-60 India Ink Courtyard Rug by Colonial MillsCY-66 Orchid Courtyard Rug by Colonial MillsDF-51 Midnight Deerfield Rug by Colonial Mills
GT-50 Federal Blue Georgetown Rug by Colonial MillsJK-50 Federal Blue Jackson Rug by Colonial MillsMD-54 Blue Moon Madison Rug by Colonial MillsMN-56 Indigo Midnight Rug by Colonial Mills
OH-68 Cabana Oak Harbour Rug by Colonial MillsS-501 Petal Blue Spring Meadow Rug by Colonial MillsS-901 Amethyst Spring Meadow Rug by Colonial MillsTL-40 Lavender Twilight Rug by Colonial Mills
TL-50 Federal Blue Twilight Rug by Colonial MillsBraided C-05 Blue/Natural Earth RugsBraided C-100 Blue/Black Earth RugsBraided C-119 Expresso/Blue Gray/Creme Earth Rugs
Braided C-120 Apricot/Chocolate/Aqua Marine Earth RugsBraided C-15 Blue/Burgundy Earth RugsBraided C-225 Light Blue/White/Pink Pearl Earth RugsBraided C-43 Burgundy/Blue/Gray Earth Rugs
Braided C-50 Blue/Ivory Earth RugsBraided C-68 Light Blue/Dark Blue/Black Earth RugsBraided C-79 Light Blue/Dark Blue/Mustard Earth RugsBraided RC-05 Blue/Natural Earth Rugs
Braided RC-43 Burgundy/Blue Gray Earth Rugs
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